• I can hear, and see, everything as I lay on my bed, but why can I move or talk? I thought I was asleep, but I was awake too, some how. Could I awake up? If so, when? I guess I’ll just have to face it, I’m in a comma. Isn’t it true that you can’t see or hear when your in a comma, is could I really be in one? I could hear the wind blowing through the trees, and my cat meowing as she walked around my room. I could hear in the distance my parents arguing, about something I could never pick out. I heard some people walk by my house, and cars speeding down my street. I was just staring at my wall, but what else could I look at, I can’t move.
    It’s not the first time this has happened to me, but it is the first time I went into a comma and know what’s happening. The worst thing is, I can feel everything, and I won’t be able to do anything about it. I just wonder how much pain I will get in. “I haven’t heard from Abigale in a while, I’m going to check on her.” my mom said then walked down the small hall and entered my room. She walked over to me and sat, “Abigale, are you okay?” she asked and didn’t take her eyes off of me. She put her hand on me and shook me a little, “Abigale, Abigale, can you hear me?” she yelled softly. My dad walked in and looked at my Mom.
    “Beth, what’s wrong?” he asked
    Beth turned around and looked at him, “Call the hospital, she needs to get there
    My dad was shocked it was happening again, his eyes grew wide, and ran out of the room and grabbed the phone and dialed the hospital. My mom stayed by my side as more tears fell from her face making a puddle on my bed. Once the ambulance came they rushed in and picked me up and rushed me to the ambulance, then put me in. They rushed to the hospital then got me out and put me in a room then quickly hooked me up.
    My mom didn’t leave my side, she always had my hand and never let go no matter what. My mom sighed and looked at my father, “One of us should call Devin, he should know Abigale is here.” she said. Devin was my boyfriend, he always freaks out when I get hurt and come to the hospital. My mom kept a hold of my hand as my dad handed her the phone and she dialed it with her left hand.
    “Hello?” I heard when my mom put it on speaker, it was Devin
    “Devin, its Beth, Abigale’s mom.” she said.
    “Oh, hi, is something wrong.” he asked in his normal voice.
    “Well, I know you won’t like this, yes, were at the hospital, Abigale won’t wake up.” she told him and tears fell from her face.
    “I’m on my way.” he said in a worried tone and hung up before my mom could say anything.
    The doctor walked in, “Hi Mrs. and Mr. Sanchez, its some what nice to see you again.” he said then walked over to me and check my heartbeat. “Her heartbeat is normal.” he said then checked my breathing. “Her breathing is going slower, but its nothing to worry about.” he said then Devin rushed in and to my side.
    “How long has she been like this? Is she okay, will she wake up?” he asked in a very worried voice. Even though I couldn’t move my body I could move my eyes, but not my eye lids, and they were only opened a little and no one could tell. Devin was running his fingers through my hair and held my hand with his free hand.
    The doctor nodded, “She is fine, but for the other two I’m unsure, but she probably will wake up.
    Devin sighed then nodded slowly, “Okay.” he said and kissed my forehead then looked around the room. He lightly let go of my hand and put it on the bed and went over then grabbed a chair and walked over to me and sat down then took my hand again. “I don’t want to leave until she wakes.” he told them without taking his eyes off of me. How long would I be in this comma, how long will it be until I can at least talk?
    My mom nodded, “Okay, I think you would be glad to see you when she gets up. I’m going to stop by our house, we can stop at yours, is there anything you will want?” she asked him.
    Devin nodded and looked at her, “Yea, ask my mom if she can pack some of my clothes for me please.” he said then looked back down at me.
    My mom nodded again, “Okay.” she said then looked at my dad that has been silent this whole time. “Come on, let’s go get the stuff, and tell everyone about this, I think it would be better just doing that.” she told him and walked out with him.
    Devin continued to run his fingers through my hair again as he stared at me. “Please wake up Abigale, please don’t stay in this comma, I love you.” he whispered to me then kissed my cheek. I wanted to talk to him so badly, but as hard as I tried, nothing happened. I watched him as he watched me quietly, as people came and went he never took his eyes off of me.
    When my parents came back they put the suitcase filled with clothes next to Devin then went to the other side of me. “Did anything happen?” my dad asked.
    Devin looked up at him, “No, she hasn’t even moved.” he told him.
    My dad sighed then looked at my mom, “Well I have to go, I still have to go to work in the morning, call me if anything happens.” he told them then walked to the door. He looked back at my mom, “You didn’t bring anything for tomorrow, so are you staying or no?” he asked.
    She shook her head, “No, I just wanted to see her a little more before I left.” she said and messed with my hair a little, getting it out of my eye, then walked over to my dad and left.
    Devin moved my hand up so it was pointing up straight but my elbow was still down. He kissed my hand then held it against his cheek. I focused on my hand as the minutes went by, I tried to move so he could know I was still alive. I was hoping I was just paralyzed so he wouldn’t be so afraid. I looked over at the clock and it read ’12:00’, I was surprised Devin wasn’t asleep, but I knew he couldn’t until I got up.
    I finally got a little feeling in my hand and my eye lids then opened my eyes and moved my fingers a little and rubbed his cheek. “Abigale.” Devin said and hugged me tightly and put his hand on the side of my face. “Are you able to talk?” he asked.
    “A little.” I said softly.
    A smile grew cross his face, “I love you baby.” he said then put his head down and kissed me.
    I started to kiss him back and smiled as he moved his head back, “I’m afraid that this is going to happen, the truth is, my comma, I was able to hear, see, and feel everything.” I told him.
    He smiled and played with my hair, “Well I’m just glad your okay.”
    I sighed, “This is the only chance I have to control my comma, but I know I will be able to hear you. I love you.” I told him.
    “I love you too, and as long as I get to hear your voice right now, I can last until its over.” he said and put his head next to mine.
    I stared into his eyes and smiled, “I hope it will be over soon.” I said and kissed him before closing my eyes and I was back in the comma. I wasn’t sure how long I would be in this comma, and I hoped nothing will go wrong. I’m afraid that if something goes wrong and I have to go into surgery, I don’t want to feel the pain of everything. I was glad Devin would be by my side for as long as he could.