• If I could time travel I would basically choose a certain or particular day how about 22nd of December ,2008 Location? Dalton,Georgia. I know what your probably thinking out of all places in history to choose Dalton,Yes it is a boring place,but I have my reasons. I might have had some regrets in the past,but non of the days in history could even come close or even compare to this day well to me that is. I just want to make that day like it never happened and see a smile again.
    I arrived at my house at 6:00 a.m. Everything look normal nothing out of place. I walked inside I saw my mother getting ready to leave for work. She told me to do laundry. I replied back “Alright.” She gave me an eye and said “Very odd your up early.” then left. I got the dirty laundry together then all of a sudden I thought to myself “What am I doing I must got see.........Bob.” I rant to my room and slowly opened the door. I saw the cage laying on the counter I started to call his name “Bob........Bob......Bob!”
    I held up his cage and opened it and he looks as terrible as I though. My tears are dropping non stop. Told him. “Am not going to lose you again.” I was holding him close to me I started to run to the closest veterinarian. As I get to the door I see Bob looking even more worse. I held him in my hands. I went up to the receptionist up front and told her I have and Emergency. She just looked around and asked “What do you need?” I answered back “My Rose hair tarantula is not look so good.”
    There was a long silents. She went to the back of the office and came back and said “Am sorry there is nothing I can do.” I was surprised to what she said then I told myself “I wont give up on you bob,Because you mean everything to me.” The receptionist looks at me and said “Good luck.” and I told her that “Luck?.....Theres no suck thing as luck.”I started to walk a very long path it was a never ending path. Am starting to feel like. Even if I came back in time I cant help him. I feel so useless,Stupid.
    Am looking at Bob,telling him “Am so sorry Bob I know what your probably thinking I cant even save you a second time. Maybe its just all my fault or just maybe it was not meant to be. All I want to say,That I couldn't say before is that I love you and you mean everything to me and I hope that you will forgive me someday. Am truly sorry....Bob, Then everything starts to darken and then nothing.