• Two men standing on a cliff watching the sun set it was Dragoon and Nemis Dragoons apprentice

    Dragoon:" Just a few more days till he's ready"

    Nemis:" Yeah , though he might be ready earlier than expected."

    Dragoon:" Maybe, the last one was ready early too. We’ll find out soon enough"

    A few days later- The life of a few friends are about to change at this point and time which will begin the legacy the start of a new age era the story starts here

    .......four guys walking down a hallway at school there names TJ, Andre', Jordan, n Aaron...

    Aaron's always been the quiet one but the other three are always joking around and having fun..

    TJ:" What are y'all getting into this weekend"

    Andre':" Um probably nothing y'all still coming over this weekend right?"

    Jordan" Yeah, I’m coming what do you want me to bring"

    Andre':" Just bring an extra controller for Gamecube, You still coming Aaron?"

    Aaron" I don't know"

    Andre':" You never know...what about you TJ?"

    TJ:" HUH! Oh yea I'm coming over"

    They all laughed at TJ. TJ sometimes tends to daze off into space most of the time.

    Andre':" Alright guys Ill see y'all later"

    All of them: "peace"

    They all went there separate ways but what they didn't know was this could be the last time they see each other like that again. Later that night TJ was getting ready to leave to go to Andre's house.

    TJ: "Man what should I bring with me...know what I'll just bring my cloths"

    TJ began to pack his cloths when he started hearing weird noise. he looked around but he couldn't figure out were the noise was coming from then a strong wind came in through his house in the center of his room and a weird portal started to open up a man in a cloth was standing in the portal.

    TJ: "Who the hell are you?!!"

    the man: "My name is Nemis and I need you to come with me"

    TJ:" Look here get out of here I don’t even know how you did that but I'm not going anywhere...”

    At that point Nemis knocked TJ out.

    Nemis: "I didn't want to have to do that I'm sorry but you must come with me"

    Nemis carried TJ on his shoulder through the portal and vanished. Hours went by and Andre' and Jordan started getting worried TJ's family didn't even know were he was at. Then Andre' and Jordan heard that they found TJ and that he was murdered. That was one of the worst days of there lives. A year went by since then.

    [Meanwhile] In a place unknown in a forest a wonderer was roaming the forest looking for something. He stumbled across a cave. He walked through the cave and found what he was looking for a statue of a man in the middle of the cave. He pulled out an orb of some short.

    The Wonderer:" Its time for you to come back Razor"

    The wonderer push the orb inside the statue. It began to crumble and the man known as Razor fell down the most feared dark lord back in the 1600's.

    Razor: "I'm free from this seal yet again"

    Razor looked up and sees a man standing over him.

    Razor:" Are you the one that woke me up? tell me your name so I can thank you"

    The wonderer:" My name is not important rite now we'll meet again that's when Ill let you know who I am"

    The man walked off into the darkness. Razor got up from the ground and began to stretch.

    Razor:" Ah, well now I guess I can start raising terror like in the old days again ha"

    Razor walked out of the cave and began his reign of terror. In a different part of the world a great archaeologist discovered a very interesting ice cave he knew what he was looking for he was looking for the great Treson.
    The archaeologist: “AH! I’ve found him....Treson frozen a live during the 1600's its amazing to see history here in this cave"

    As the archaeologist continued looking at Treson he started to feel movement in the ground after a few seconds the whole cave started rattling violently. At that point he saw the ice beginning to crack. The archaeologist fell to the ground.

    The archaeologist: "Wha....What’s going on....?”

    The ice broke like glass Treson fell to his knees breathing heavy. The archaeologist rose to his feet he started backing up slowly and stopped n stared at Treson. Treson started rising to his feet with his head looking to the ground.

    Treson:" Co....Cold Fear.....Cold......Fear"

    The archaeologist looked at him funny.

    The archaeologist:" Wh....Who's...col...Cold Fear"

    Treson looked up he gave the archaeologist a hard glare. He started walking the way that he was standing the archaeologist started backing up slowly again but Treson looked ahead and walk off out of the cave into the forest...

    [Few an hours later] Back at school Jordan and Andre' are roaming the hallways going to there next class.

    Jordan:" Man I'm telling you she looked so good yo!"

    Andre':" Yeah I bet she did what’s her name"

    Jordan:" Her name is Roxy"

    Andre':" oh really you get her number?"

    Jordan:" No not yet... yo she looks so beautiful I just cant wait to ask her out I just don't know how to ask her you know its kinda hard trying to ask a good looking girl like that out"

    Andre':" Yeah, its not that hard just say you wanna go with me ha-ha"

    Jordan:" ha-ha you make it sound so easy, but look man I just wanna give her a kiss n I lose my thought of mind when I'm around her I just don't know how to tell her I like her"

    Andre':" ha-ha well buddy I think you just did buddy"

    Andre' had a big grin on his face while patting Jordan on the back. Jordan turned around and saw Roxy standing there.

    Jordan:" You know Andre' I'm going to get you back for not telling me she’s rite behind me"

    Andre' shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

    Roxy:" Show you like me huh"

    Jordan:" Yeah I do like you....listen you wanna go out sometime like this weekend or something"

    Roxy:" Yeah sure here's my number call me to let me know when ok"

    Roxy walked off with a smile on her face. Jordan stood there with the biggest smile on his face then he walked off to his last class. As he walked in his class he sees Andre'.

    Andre':" Dang I forgot I have a class with you"

    Jordan:" Ha yea see...don't worry I'm going to get you when u least expect it"

    Andre':" Uh huh"

    [late bell]

    Teacher:" Ok class time to get to your seats"

    Everybody sat down. Andre' and Jordan sat rite next to each other in study hall. Jordan started writing a note to Andre' asking him if he wanted to do a double date this weekend. Andre' agreed to this double date. The bell to go home rang. Everybody got up n went to there buses to go home.

    [Next Day] Andre' went to his homeroom class just as Jordan they felt everything was normal today till they fell asleep in class. As they fell asleep there dreams were a bit odd a sword appeared in both there dreams In Andre's dream the sword was calling out dragon...in Jordan's dream the sword was calling out Cold Fear at this point a bright light appeared n they woke up.

    Andre': What the hell was that all about"

    The bell rings to go to there next class. Andre' meets up with Jordan.

    Jordan:" I need to talk to you about something"

    Andre:" Yea so do I"

    Jordan:" Yea you go first"

    Andre:" nah you can you said it first"

    Jordan:" Iight...I just had the strangest dream ever I had a dream about a sword but it wasn't calling my name it was calling out somebody named cold fear"

    Andre':" yea...I had the same thing expect mine was calling out Dragon"

    Jordan:" What the hell do that mean"

    Andre':" that I really don't know"

    Jordan:" Well ill just see you later"

    Andre':" yea iight man"

    Jordan: "Peace"

    Andre': "Peace"

    [School ends] As Jordan and Andre' went home all that was on there minds was the swords and the reason they had the dream. Hours went by since then it was getting real late Andre' was still thinking of what the meaning of the swords were as for Jordan he just fell asleep like nothing happen. Andre' finally fell asleep. A few minutes later a portal open in his room A man in a robe walked through it he walked over to Andre' and picked him up in took him into the portal. Andre' started to feel cold like he was laying on cold floor. Andre' started to open his eyes slowly when he opened his eyes he realized he wasn't in his room anymore. The room looked like a big dungeon it was dark with torches everywhere. Andre' looked around n saw Jordan on the floor a few feet away from him. He reached over and woke up Jordan. Jordan opened his eyes n looked at Andre' n jumped up n looked around lost. Three men in black robes came walking out of the shadows.

    Andre': "Who are you n where are we?"

    Jordan: "Yea what’s going on here"

    One of the men took off there hoods.

    The man:" My name is Dragoon, I'm your grandfather...Andre'"

    Andre' n Jordan looked at him then they looked at each other.

    Andre': "That's impossible my grandfather died when I was 5"

    Dragoon: "yea that was the story I died when you were 5...but that's not true I'm not dead this is what happen to me"

    Andre': "But I thought Dragoon was just a story I was told when I was little"

    Jordan: "Yea so did I"

    Dragoon: "hm…I see your family's kept the story's of me alive ha"

    Andre':" So all that was true"

    Dragoon: "Yes"

    Andre': "Ooook.....but why the hell are we here"

    One of the men in the robes steeped forward.

    Man in robe: "you better watch your mouth"

    Dragoon put his hand up.

    Dragoon: "it’s ok"

    The man stepped back.

    Jordan: "So why are we here"

    Dragoon: "Your here because I called you here....its you twos turns to become heroes....there's a war that's going to begin soon and that's why you guys are here"

    Andre': "So your telling me we were called here to help out in a war"

    Dragoon: "correct...n its your time those dreams of the swords you had those are your swords"

    Jordan: "Even the names?"

    Dragoon: "Yes, From this point forward Andre' will be known as Dragon n Jordan will be known as Cold Fear...You two have been chosen to become the greatest in the world"

    Dragoon raises his hand n points his finger a beam of light came out and surrounded Andre' and Jordan when the light disappeared Andre' and Jordan's outfits were different and there body shape.

    Jordan: "wow you look more Fit there Dre'...and look at me I’m fit two ha-ha"

    Jordan had A bandanna like mask covering his face with a white shirt. He had gloves covering his hands and blue pants with white shoes. Andre' Had all black n white on a black cap, black sunglasses, a black hoody with white going through all the lines with a dragon on his back, he had on black biker gloves on, he also had black pants with white lines going through the pants n black shoes.

    Andre': Wow this is amazing...Jordan you look great"

    Dragoon: "I knew you guys would like it now time for your swords"

    There hands got heavy they both look down to see the swords they say in there. Andre's sword was thin n long with a slight curve at the tip of the blade the blade had a small flame like design at the bottom near the guard. The base of the sword had a dragon’s eye in the middle. The bottom of the sword had a dragon claw holding a flame. Jordan's sword was different the blade was wide n slightly long he had a giant big flame coming up from the grip of the sword. The sword had no guard. The design of the flame was blue yet red it was very unique.

    Dragoon: "Now after tonight your lives will change no more friends no more school...n no more family...Are you guys ready for that"

    Andre' and Jordan looked at each other. They looked at Dragoon n nodded.

    Dragoon: "Good...Now just remember when the time is rite you guys will change into these forms now its time for you guys to leave....send them back now"

    One of the men in the robes lifted up his hand and open up a portal Jordan and Andre' looked at each other. They shrugged there shoulders and walked through the portal.The next morning Andre' woke up he was laying in bed like nothing just happen he thought he was just dreaming everything that happen last night. When Andre' went to school he started to have this feeling like something isn't rite. Andre' runs into Jordan

    Andre': "Yo"

    Jordan: "What’s up"

    Andre': "Did you have a dream last night with me in it"

    Jordan: "Yea I did"

    Andre': "Yo, I’m really starting to think that wasn't a dream we had....that really happen"

    Jordan: "Yea I'm starting to think that to"

    Andre: [Sighs]"I have a real bad feeling today its like somethi....."


    Before Andre' could finish what he was saying a loud explosion went off



    Andre' and Jordan ran to the area of the explosion they saw students running in terror away from the area. As they got closer to the area they began to see two figures standing in the fire. The figures began to walk towards them. The figures came clear of the fire it was Razor and Treson. Razor and Treson stopped and looked at Andre' and Jordan.

    Treson: "Would you guys know were we could find Cold fear and Dragon....."

    TO BE CONTINUED.......