• One my friend Jsoh comes up to me and says
    " Ryan why are you in such a bad mood?"
    " I slept on the wrong side of the bed."
    " And that puts you in a bad mood?"
    " Yea my bed is right next to the wall."

    My mom has the perfect way of getting me up in the morning. You see I sleep with 2 big dogs and when I don't get up by the second time she calls, she throws the cat in.

    I Had a horrible dream last night. I had dreamed about eating a 50 lb marsh mellow, I wake up and my pillow is missing.

    Okay now onto my school.

    I walk into the school late like always, and Mrs. Patty looks at me and says " Ryan you have been late for the past 5 days do you know what that means?"
    " Yea it's Friday."

    One day Mr. Carr turns to me and says " Ryan every time I turn around I find you doing some thing your not suppose to be doing. Now what do you think we should do about that?"
    " East tell me when your going to turn around.''

    Okay now it is time to talk about my school food.

    The food at my school is so bad that the flies go there to lose weight.

    Our gravy at my school is so thick, when the lunch lady goes to stir it the whole room shakes.

    The food at my school is so bad, That the kid pray before, during and after their meal.

    Ok I have had some pretty tough meat in my life, but this meat was so tough that is stood up and challenged me to a fight after school.

    The food is so hard that kids had to stay after school just to finish it.

    any ways that is just a little bit of what I do.