• a fire burns in her heart in her eyes in her mind the flames grow higher higher
    as it fills her up the hate the revenge the anger of the ppl who hurt her most
    they pour gasoline on the fire and she goes crazy with hate wishing they could feel what she does feel what they did to her they think they know her no they have no idea what they have done to her what she is becoming this girl is tired of being hurt being used lied to betrayed and weak as she realizes she hates those things a fire grows in her like an erupting volcano they want a fight little do they know shes not the girl they hurt she has grown of hatred let them strike her and they will see what they turned her into not even sure she likes who shes becoming but knowing its the only way out is to fight show them make them fear her its the onlyway to be free a once sweet girl wak girl kind girl who wouldnt fight to save her life is now changing into a fighter its either fight or be a victom of hurt once again so she decides its time to fight time to be strong time to show them the fire within her soul the hate they made grow the memories in her mind the feelings the words it all has come to the servace as they aproach her this time she doesnt run she stands to fight for herself and for the many other victoms who were hurt by bullying the fire in her eyes burns as she readies to fight the ones who hurt her