• Passing through my house, I come upon a sight that entices me to pause for a moment, despite the hustle and bustle of the modern world. A Hammock chair hanging limply from the ceiling, waiting for a small push to spark it to life. Seeing it there, an overpowering necessity consumes me. I cannot resist sitting, if just for a moment, and bringing the contraption to life. With a blanket wrapped around me, I sink into the comfort of the hammock’s waiting arms. With a small push, the ropes that hold me up seem to spring to life and launch into a dance that only they know, to music only they can hear. I can do nothing but pull my feet from the floor and wait for the chair to finish its waltz.
    The hammock begins to work magic on me, weaving a spell that I know I will never be able to resist. An involuntary yawn bubbles up within me. The gentle swinging motions seem to tenderly press me closer to relaxation and forty winks. The creaks and groans of the floorboards above me keep in time with the motion like a clock; the sound further adding to the spell. As I lay there, my legs pulled to my chest, the worries of my day seem to turn to dust that is blown away on my next relaxed breath. The quilt I have pulled securely around me in a warm cocoon dulls the rough texture of the ropes against my back. The sway of my hammock has transformed into a gentle rocking like that of a baby’s cradle. I breathe in, a distinctive smell filling my head. Being not quite pleasant but not quite foul either, the smell is completely unique to itself. It’s the smell that only a hammock could hold with dignity. I shift slightly, finding a more comfortable position to lie in. The hammock wraps its motherly arms around me, holding me close like a child lulled to sleep.
    For now I can watch the world go by from the safety of my hammock but I know that, in time, my next chore will come into focus and I will have to leave my heavenly cradle. But for now, I can surrender to the spell my hammock has cast upon me and relax for just a moment while the day grows older and the world around me moves on.