• Hello,I am Chris Herris i am 32 years old My wife anna died also my 8-year old daughter lara.Here in 2012 is a bad life there are also few survivors.Some police are still alive.Here we only have water once a day and food twice a day...that is why i'm going weaker and thinner...if we steal water or food we will be shot by the police because there is less water and food left.We don't have more time anymore.Sooner or later we will also die.All the trees,plants,flowers are burnt.Yesterday one of the survivors already died,an old woman call Nora Aeron.And the animals died because of us...because we did bad things before.As it is obvious that we are the threat to the world even if we were made to take care of the creations we are the guardians of the world,Except now that we are the killers.So people in the past if you ever read this I am Chris Herris.You are our only hope of existance...So long

    "The brave may live forever
    buth the cautious will never live"
    -Nora Aeron-