• As I sink slowly to the darkness of the oceanic abyss, I wonder if my life really meant anything in this dark and dismal place. Over the 23 years of my life, I was abused, betrayed, and destroyed by many people; parents, children, older men and women. Alas, I have never accomplished much anyway; I only come far as to graduate from the public school system with deplorable grades.

    Not as much as my older siblings; one is a chemist, and the other a world-renowned musician. And what am I? A man sinking slowly to Poseidon’s cold embrace, and to Death’s chamber of despair and darkness. A man that will die a lonely soul; no wife or children, not even a domestic animal to leave behind. I only leave nothing but the blown away shoe prints, and the various fingerprints upon my items that will soon be wiped away.

    Yet I can die knowing that one day, everyone shall join me in this darkness, and feel the very same pain I have suffered for twenty-three years. Death spares no man, woman or child; once the hour has struck, the soul is free from its Earthly prison and sails away to lands too complex for the human mind to comprehend. The entire galaxy is an ocean too large for one human soul to sail upon; no matter the advances of technology and the years of training.

    Maybe this is why we fear death, and the truth that is behind its black doors. We don’t know what is true, and what is a lie, nor shall we ever know until we venture out. But when the time to do it depends on the two forces of the body; the person’s will to die, and the forces that want us to die. Some feel that we are not ready when the outside says to go, and some feel that it doesn’t matter what lurks beyond or comprehension when they take the matter to their own hands. All it matters is that we go beyond to the truth.