• I fight for everything I love! I love my friends, and I love my family.
    I follow the code of the samurai. The code of the samurai is to serve others. I live to serve others, and to do the best I can in this world.
    I would give my life as Jesus gave his life for what he loved.
    I would gladly do the same. The most honorable death for me is death by protecting someone I love or dying for someone I love. It is in the code of the samurai to die serving others. That is how I wish to die one day. I live to serve. I'm not afraid to go down in flames for my friends, and family.

    This is what my name, Heart of Kings, represents. It is what I am, and who I am.
    I hate it when people speak ill of me. This world needs its angels. I just want to be an angel, and give my love to this world. I would give my life for what I love! This is the code of the samurai that I follow, and the way of Jesus.