• This is my summer:

    Mother goes to work. Brother goes to daycare. Stepfather goes to work and I have to stay hom and clean the house. My mother says she wants the house spotless for when she gets back.

    So... let me get this straight. Between the end of summer and christmas I have to study and between christmas and the beginning of summer I have to finish one whole grade?

    Okay, I'm cool with that. As long as I get my two months off promised by my school. Oh wait! I can't! 'Cause I have to spend MY summer cleaning the house... WITHOUT HELP!

    No beach! No pool! No camping! NO FAMILY!!!! NO FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And then my mother goes: What I want is a good smelling house that sparkles for when I come back.

    That's what she said the first day of summer. Okay. I tought she was kidding. I took a bottle of sparkles and glittered the floor. She wanted sparkly? ... she'll get sparkly.

    She wanted good smelling? Okay. I grabb three Glade candels and lit them up.

    ...... got grounded for two days...... Exactly how did I got grounded? In the end, grounded or not, I'm still locked up in my house.

    Here's a funny part: My mother says I can only use the internet under her guidance. I'm not gonna watch porn. It's against my religion.

    Besides, all I do is gaia.

    What's funny about this? Well, since she's out working, I can't use the internet. So, by logic, I can only use the internet when she comes home. Thing is, when she does, my lil' bro comes along.


    When I finally have the chance to LEGALY use the internet, it's either too late or it's being used by my stepfather. (And trust me... when my stepfather's using it, no one knows when he'll finish.)

    But no worrys. What I do is that, when mom's gone, I unplug the internet cable from the PC and attach it to my laptop. When I'm done using it, I place it back on the PC and reset the modem so no one suspects.

    This is my sinister way to use gaia... muahahahahahahahahaha! [coughs]

    I don't like spenidng time with my family. They are always fighting. I like to be alone. With silence. (Silence is the only light in my dim life)

    My mother calls me names and says I'm selfish and bad... I really try hard to accept my life but I just can't

    When I cry (alone) I whisper to myself: Life is good.

    Because even if we live an unfair or painful life... at least we have chance... 'cause we are infact, alive.

    Someday, I hope to leave this house and move into a nice and quiet dorm. Were I can live by myself and study peacefully. Without the cleaning during summers. Or the demanding mothers. Or the terrible stepfathers.

    Were my top priority will be... my future success. 'Cause that's what I aim for: success.