• I can't see why I even try,
    All can do for you is cry,
    I wish I wasn't here,

    You shot me up you shot me down,
    You make me hit the cold hard ground,
    My emotions you toy with,

    All the time i love for you,
    but all YOU DO is make me blue,
    this is total s**t,

    you can't think without your friends,
    but what will happen in the end,
    can you not speak the truth,

    you cal me emo you call me goth,
    so just stick you face in boiling broth,
    maybe it would make you look better,

    all i wonder is if you want me,
    even though you always tount me,
    oh so crule and shameful,

    in the past years,
    I thought about all the fears,
    they frighten me,

    baby all I want is you,
    so just get a clue,
    but you'll need more than a hint,

    oh I hate and I love,
    i wish i can shot you down like a dove,
    and you'll fall foever,
    sometimes the rain never ever ends, I hope we'll be friends,
    or more,

    your in your click i'm in mine,
    so you wouldn't date me for trilions of dime,
    That means Ikeep thoughts dimes,

    Oh baby in the end,
    I'm not your friend,
    But I love you.