• There was a girl who lived in a house that has seven bedrooms. Yes, seven. She lives with her grandma, grandpa, mom, brother and two sisters. It can be a handful living with a bunch of little kids that are always bugging you.
    "Dinner!" Grandma calls.
    "In a minute!" I reply back
    Of course the girl is sitting on her bed on her laptop, so she says goodbye for a little while to her friends on Gaiaonline. That girl, is me.
    Without further ado, I lock the computer (so my evil little siblings can't get on the laptop and mess it up) and goes down the stairs where I smells something delicious. My grandma made her specialty homemade pizza with cheese, peperoni and sausage. My mouth is watering and my stomach is growling more ferociously.
    "There you are, what were you doing?" Grandma asks.
    "Typing," I respond. Grandma doesn't understand what roleplaying is so I always say typing anyway.
    Mom comes upstairs with the baby in her arms and my other sister and brother trailing behind her. My grandma makes a plate fo food for grandpa and takes it upstairs to him (he usually eats dinner in bed), and everyone else helps themselves to food.
    I get three slices of pizza and sit in my usual spot at the island and open my book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and begin eating.
    Snape is teaching Harry Occlumency and I frown at the book for my dislike of Snape. Then. Fred and George set off the fireworks and I chuckle silently to myself. I then realize that my food is gone, having had eaten it quickly due to tense moments in the book. And drink down my water and put the plate and cup in the sink.
    I then place my Hogwarts sorting hat bookmark in the book where I stopped and place it neatly on the table and head back up to my room.
    I am greeted by posters of Twilight and Harry Potter and my polka-dotted bed. I take a seat and pull my laptop once more toward me and turn Gaia back on. I back to my roleplaying world and smile.