• tab "This is," Olivia awed.
    tab "Perfect?" Liam looked at her hard.
    tab Olivia turned red, "Perfect. Yes, it is."
    tab "Everyone," an instructer entered the bus, "Please exit out the bus and line your bags on the sidewalk. Thank you."
    tab Olivia grabbed her items and followed Liam out the bus.
    tab "Well," Liam began, "this is going to be intersting."
    tab "Why do you say that?" Olivia replied softly.
    tab "You'll see once we get to know each other a little more." he nudged me on the arm.
    tab Olivia's temperture was extremely hot, "Wow."
    tab Liam put his arm around Olivia's waist and told his guy friends, "Hey guys. Isn't this girl one pretty lady?"
    tab Olivia looked around, embrassed. She saw Nessa staring at her, coming closer, until finally she was closer than ever.
    tab "Girl, you are as red as a tomato!" Nessa snickered.
    tab Olivia stomped on Nessa's foot as hard as possible.
    tab "@#$^!!!" Nessa yelled.
    tab "Excuse me! Come here now little missy," One of the instructers ordered.
    tab Olivia giggled and Liam looked down at her.
    tab "Cute laugh." Liam complimented.
    tab "Er, thanks." Olivia barely said.
    tab "Com'n. Let's head to our cabin. Yes?" Liam suggested.
    tab "Uh, sure." Olivia and Liam walked in the same position to their cabin.
    tab It was already dinner after they un-packed their bags. All the cabins went to the Cafe, but it wasn't any old cafeteria, it was like a real resturant, with booths and tables and all the food looked amazing!
    tab "Well this looks good enough to eat," joked Liam.
    tab "I agree," Olivia laughed.
    tab "Com'n." Liam gestured his hand to a seat next to his.
    tab "Haha, why thank you." Olivia joked.
    tab "Wow, not so shy anymore, huh?"
    tab "Guess not. Wait, you knew..?"
    tab He winked, "Was pretty obvious, babe."
    tab Olivia giggled a bit.
    tab Liam talked with his mouth full, "So, what do you like to do for fun?"
    tab "Well," Olivia thought for a bit, "I like to play sports. I play the guitar and piano really."
    tab "That's nice. I like to play sports. All kinds. Hmm, as you can see," He flexed his arm.
    tab "Haha, that's . . . intersting," She smiled at him.
    tab "You have a pretty smile. Well, really, your pretty anyway. Uh, can you pass the breadsticks?"
    tab "Sure." Olivia didn't have anything else to say.
    tab "Getting to know you makes me more comfortable to think of you in different ways. You know?"
    tab "Hm, i think."
    tab "HAVE ROOM FOR ONE MORE?!" Nessa interrupted, loudly.
    tab "Not really," Olivia siad through her teeth.
    tab "Haha, the girl has spoken," Liam pointed at Olivia.
    tab "I'll take that as a YES," Nessa returned with a wide smile.
    tab Olivia kicked Nessa out of the chair.
    tab "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HURT ME?" Nessa complained.
    tab "Leave," Olivia siad with a devious smile.
    tab "Fine," Nessa left muttering something under her breath.
    tab "So listen, I need to talk to you." Liam said, grabbing Olivia's hands in his.
    tab "Anything.." Olivia could barely breath.