• tab Once upon a time I was a child. Now, that may not be hard to imagine, seeing as I have my moments. In this alleged time I do suppose I must have known exactly what I wanted. What was it? I'm not sure. It's likely that you could safely assume my goals in life were laughter, thrills and shocking others. Quite average, really. I liked to jump off of shed roofs onto gravel alleys, to stay away from lava pits and escape from jail, and to startle people coming out of the bathroom. I knew nothing of the excitement found in touching, the affects of - well- anything; from alcohol to snapping back words at parents to Zippo lighters. I ran the streets barefoot and full of innocence, naiveté. I had no clue of the concept of Life, Purpose, The World, The Future, I was a child, this is the way all children should be.
    tab Where am I now? In this current time? I knew of so little back then, but now am more lost than I have ever been. Back then I knew all of what I needed to. Now I am unsure as to even what amount of knowledge is required. I don't know myself, whereas back then I wasn't aware I was supposed to. I mean, what for? I struggle with words, some days the very concept, others the quantity, quality, to whom I entrust. I wade through my thoughts. Unsure of what this paper is even about. I do notice how many "I"s I see.
    tab Once upon a time I made sense, understood, translated, and was free.
    tab What am I tied down by now? Thoughts, expectations, conformity. Translated? My thoughts were simple, the ones that were not, well, no one cared much about those ones anyway, myself included. Understood? If I did not I could ask, the answer out of my limited comprehension? I would learn later, when I was a big kid, older, an adult. I made sense. I was a child. What aspects that could not be fit into such could be excused as out of reality, imagination.
    tab Once upon a time I was content.