• The weirdest dream in my whole life!

    I was taking a shower when I heard a loud knock on the door. I turned the shower faucet off and grabbed a towel. I opened the door and there he stood, an extremely cute boy (He sorta looked like Jacob from the movie New Moon only shorter and younger). Weird thing was that, I didn't freak out. As if receiving cute guys at my bathroom door was something normal.
    An every day thing.

    "So are we still on for tonight?" He asked. In his face he wore that smile that made girls go crazy.
    "Sure thing, Mario." His name was Mario. I've only known two Mario's in my entire (real) life. The short one from the video games and the older brother to a friend of mine (Note: Her name is Gabriela. She has two brothers named Mario, Luigi and a cousin named Daisy. Oh the irony).

    Mario walked away and I stepped inside to finish my shower.

    Afterwards, I was waiting on the driveway for him. I see a car pull up. It's headlights were really bright so I didn't get the chance to see who it was. When it finally came to a stop, I saw Mario. He was on his brother's car which was being driven by, of course, his older brother, Tom. Tom was a forty year old guy still living with his mother (Mario lived with his dad... apparently). He was fat and bald. He was disgusting and disturbing unlike Mario. In real life, I've never seen or met a guy like Tom except in movies and stuff.

    I said my hellos and got in the car. I sat on the back seats since Mario was there. Not that he wasn't old enough to ride in the front. He just didn't want me to feel alone back there.
    "So are you ready to go?" He asked.
    "Totally. I bet it's gonna be great." I cheered. We were on our way to watch Transformers ll revenge of the fallen together. His brother was just taking us since we were still not old enough to drive.

    We got to the mall. All the stores were closed but the theater was still opened and selling tickets for the premiere. We went into a multiple floor parking lot and Tom parked on the second floor to the top.

    We were getting out of the car when I heard someone call my name. I looked around me and no one except Mario and Tom were there. "Michell!!" (Note: My name is spelled like that and it's NOT a typo) I looked down at the dirty parking floor and saw nothing. I turned around and looked over the wall down to the streets outside of the parking lot and saw a... squashed Hershey Kiss?



    I, for once, was shocked at the idea of me dreaming such thing but in my dream, it was a perfectly normal thing.

    "Oh hi, dad."

    DAD?! OMFG!! Once again, I am shocked. But in my dream, it was also normal for people to morph into candy... make it a squashed chocolate.
    "Hi, sweet heart." It didn't have a mouth nor eyes nor ears. You just heard it and that's it.
    "What are you doing down there? Come up here and give me a kiss." I demanded. Oh the irony.
    "Okay." I turned back to Mario who was putting his jacket on.

    "You ready?" He asked. I smiled a yes and began to walk towards the elevator. Tom was going to wait for us on the car while we enjoyed our date. We pressed the elevator button down and waited.
    "DING DONG!!" The elevator arrived. The doors slid open and inside, revealed my dad perfectly normal as his human self except for one thing... he was wearing a tuxido... O... k... o-o
    "Hi, sweet heart." He kissed me and patted my head.
    "Hi dad. What's with the tuxido?" I asked while fixing his tie.
    "Don't you remember? I'm an international super spy and am currently on mission."
    "Which one?" I wondered.
    "Pink dance surrender." (YES I KNOW!! IT'S STUPID BUT IT WAS A DREAM!!!)

    He said hi to Mario and walked over to him. He whispered something to him. I couldn't understand what he was saying to him. All I know is that Mario's eyes grew big. So it was probably a warning... a bad warning. Tee-hee That's my dad!

    "Hey Tom!" He said after talking with Mario.
    "Hey Joseph. How's it been?" He replied.
    "Good. Good."
    "Great. Hey did you know that..." And so on. Two chubby guys began to gossip like teen girls on the phone. I got pissed and Mario noticed. "C'mon. Let's get going." He suggested and I couldn't agree more. We entered the elevator and went down.

    "DING DONG!!" The doors to the elevator opened revealing a vast ocean of people. For some odd reason, there were no adults. Only the young ladies from the ticket booth who were probably on their twenty's. Outside of the mall, the street and doors were crowded with teenagers probably 17 and under.

    And to make things even odder, I knew them all. It seemed as if every teenager I've met during my entire life were there. Every single one of them. Including every single student on my school. All you could hear was the indistinctive chatter of them.
    "Excuse me. Coming through. Pardon me, miss." Said Mario as he tried to get us through the crowd.

    Apparently, we were all trying to get tickets to watch Transformers but something was wrong and they weren't selling any.
    "I WANT TO WATCH TRANSFORMERS! NOW SELL ME TWO TICKETS!!" A guy yelled to the cashier.
    "I'm sorry but we can't." She said flatly. And by she I mean the ladies on the ticket booth. The guy left with a huff. Mario told me to wait to see if he could sort things out. He left to the booth and got lost in the crowd.

    Eight minutes later, I bumped into one of my old campmates, Karla.
    "OH HI, MICHELL!!" She yelled. There WAS a lot of noice there.
    "OH YEAH! THEY WONT SELL TICKETS UNLESS SOMEONE WITH PINK HAIR DANCES THE THRILLER SONG!!" She said pointing at the outdoor stage next to the mall entrance.
    "OH! THANKS!" I said goodbye and left her side.

    So... they wouldn't sell tickets. Not unless someone dances. Mario needed to know but... where was he? I was lost in the crowd. From were I stood, I couldn't see the booth.
    "EXCUSE ME?" I said while pocking in the back of a blonde chick. She turned around revealing, infact, Gabriela.
    "OH HI!" She giggled. "HOW ARE YA'?"
    "OH NO, I HAVEN'T. I CAN'T SEE A THING!!" She joked. I knew she knew we weren't talking about Mario, her brother, but instead Mario, my date.

    Just then I heard the announcer present Thriller over at the stage. And so, there was complete silence. The song slowly began. There was a smoke machine running and all you could see was the shadow of something with wild hair (And by wild I mean a doo-up. As if you got shocked and your hair went up).

    "AND SO IT'S THRILLER!!!" They all began dancing. Who was the thing within the smokescreen.

    You wont believe it... No, it wasn't Mario if that's what you tought.

    Well, to put it in details, have you ever watched Toy Story?

    If you haven't, press 1 and then go to Youtube and look it up.

    If you have, press 2 and then make sure you remember the charecters well.

    'Cause the thing that was singing Thriller was the pink haired toy troll from Andy's room!


    The weirdest part is that, it was a normal thing in my dream.

    Now back to business. So while he danced, Mario was still missing. I turned around and kept looking for him. Just then I heard a Mario-like voice on the microphone. I turned and saw Mario next to the troll wearing a wig that ressembled it's hair. He too was singing Thriller.

    After the show, Mario came to me. He no longer wore the wig.
    "So did you enjoy the show?"
    "Yeah, Michael Jackson. That was pretty sweet." (Michael Jackson:1958-2009)
    "C'mon. Lets get our tickets."
    "Nah! I think I saw enough show for tonight."
    "Are you tired?" He asked as he tilted my chin up.
    "A little."
    "Let's go then." He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the elevator. When we got to were Tom was supposed to be waiting, we found no Tom, no car, and left over beer cans. "Aw crap! He left again." Mario complained as he looked over the edge of the floor.
    "MARIO!!!! MARIO WE LOVE YOU!!" Yelled a crowd from below: a group of teen girls were cheering him from below.
    "YOU SAVED THE DAY ONE MORE TIME!!" Said one girl.
    "MY HERO!!!!!" Yelled my dad. He was the only pathetic person with a ridiculous card board. Apparently, mission 'Pink danca surrender' was solved thanks to Mario.

    "C'mon. Let's go!!" I said annoyed. "Bunch of groupies." Marioc chuckled.

    We walked out to the streets. It was 10:47pm local time and two teenagers were walking alone on the streets of a highway. I'm telling you, if my dreams become reality, we might as well make ourselves out for dead people.
    "Ugh! My legs are killing me." I said as I rubbed my knees.
    "Stop. I'll ask for a lift." Mario pointed his hand out at a passing car. It simply drove pass us.

    We saw another car aproaching. Let me assure you, this one didn't stop 'cause... it wasn't no car... it was Lightning Mcqueen from Disney Pixar movie, Cars. AND IT WAS A PERFECTLY NORMAL THING, to see Pixar characters on the streets in my dream *twitch*.

    We saw yet another car -ahem- I stand corrected, a rather mighty truck. This time it did stop. A friendly old man was driving.
    "Can we get a lift?" Mario asked.
    "Of course you can. It's a perfectly normal thing that teenagers take a lift from a complete stranger in the middle of the night without knowing were he'll take them."

    It was perfectly normal *Twitch Twitch*.

    We got on the back of the huge truck and next thing we know... we were on a car filled with refugees. I was scared so I took the opportunity to make my move on Mario. I got closer and hugged a person who I thought was Mario but instead, it was a buffy black guy with many scars and tattoos. He gave me cold glare as I apologized. In the background, I heard Mario covering his laughter behind his hand.

    After that, we were chased by police, pushed down to the floor and ended up in jail. But in the end, it was a happy thing... 'cause I was stuck in small cellar with Mario...... so hot.

    After that, I woked up.... AND THAT IS A PERFECTLY NORMAL THING!!!! *Twitch*