• The mysterious figure had vanished and left behind demon dust. ''What the heck is this?'' Asked Rathaus. After, The Leopard said ''It's demon dust, you can summon ancient beasts with it. Like Zerima, a beast of fire, Shiva the caster of ice, Amiro, the holy demon. Don't you understand this means we have to find the shard of summoning, to gain access to these spirits! We must find them!'' They ventured further into the cursed forest then saw a huge mountain with a gleaming top. ''Up there is a summoning shard!'' Said leopard and jumping in joy. ''Leopard,?''Said Rathaus, Leopard stopped after hearing, ''Yes?'' leopard replied. They both saw a Huge Ice giant ''Oh Crap'' Said leopard.
    End of Part 2 Pm me if there is any error