• Boy:hi
    Boy:can i tell u something?
    Girl:sure what is it!
    Boy:i heart someone!
    Boy:i can't tell u yet!
    Girl:come on u can tell me.
    Boy:well she's someone special.
    Girl:well there's gonna be a mascarade party u wanna come with me?
    Boy:sure we'll have to find eachother ok?
    Girl surprised k!
    2 weeks past and it was time for the party!
    Boy:there she is!
    Girl:who r u?
    Boy:you'll know later!
    Boy:will u dance with me!
    Girl surprised k
    they were dancing and dancing till the party was over the boy kissed the girl
    and the girl was shocked and ran home she didn't know who he was but why
    did he kissed her!
    2 days later the girl got a call from the hospital and she ran there!
    she came but it was to late the boy died and tho he had a letter in his hand
    Dear love i know ur reading this u were the special someone in my life,
    i know we didn't get to spend time eachother that much so i kissed u before i
    died,that was our special moment and don't forget it!Love ur admirer
    shoked the girl cried and whispered in the boys ear "i won't forget".