• I looked at my hands. Stained with blood. All around me. Blood. With a body lying right infront of me. I had only done what I was asked. No problem to it. Simply kill him. That's all. He surrounded himself with beer and money. It had to be done. My plans had no flaws. It was done perfectly. Erasing all evidence from the crime seen, I gently picked up the body. There was gash marks around his neck, and one stab on his back. Simply Flawless.
    I smiled
    Job well done I thought to myself. Now all you have to do is deliver the body to Renish.
    "Wow, great timing Renish." I said as I answered the phone.
    "What's your possion?" He asked
    "Mission Completed." I answered flatly
    "Good. Deliver......'Steve O'Smithson' to the HQ and you'll be home free."
    "Over and out." I said
    I put away my phone and threw the body over my back.
    Ack........The things I do for respect. This body is sick.
    I stubbled forward, not knowing how heavy the body was.
    How the hell am I supposed to get it to HQ? He's too heavy!
    I looked around. Right by the bench.....His death bed, there was a blue truck. He had arrived in it, so I was pretty sure it still worked.
    Wobbling over to the truck, I noticed that the truck wasn't his. It was beat up and didn't have a slide mirror.
    Idiot! He drove drunk, and probably stole his friend's car!
    I peeked inside. He had left the keys inside the truck! I swung open the passenger seat, slipped the body on the seat, shut the door and walked over to the otherside.