• Kathyna sat alone in her backyard. The party boomed from the houses frontyard but she heard none of the music. She sighed,her neon pink leather heeled boots shiny in all the colorful lights. She heard the soudns of a beautiful melody,like a song radiating from the slim strings of a guitar. She brushed her long blonde hair away from her face,the light making the neon pink stripes in her hair glitter. She wore a soft and delicate ballet tutu and a pink corset. She also had a small tiara upon her long and silky tresses. She sighed,starting to hum along with the melody as she stood and strode down the stone path and farther into her backyard. Soon the booming became a soft tremble as she continued through the maze of a garden. She followed the melody,getting closer adn closer by every step she took. The music became soft and began to fade. The beautiful princess opened her shiny and rosy pink lips though no sounds came from them. She began to jog lightly,trying to get to the melody before it ended. The music sped as she started to run herself,slipping out of her heels and running barefoot,ripping the bottom of her fishnet stockings up. Flashbacks ran through her mind as the song played. The abuse from her Mother,the daily beatings she received for not being the best of everything. The abuse she received from her Father,both physically and emotionally as her destroyed her just with a single look. She never spoke so she felt as if she had no voice. To speak up is the one thing she desired most,to become a seperate being from the one her parents tryed to make her. On the night of her nineteenth birthday,that was the one present she truly desired. The finally chord was plucked as the music faded. The princess opened her lips as she tripped,"No." Falling flat on her face she regained her voice. She cried,"Come back!" She jumped to her feet again and continued to run,deeper into the maze,fading away into the black darkness of the cold night.

    Years later the maze was torn down and inside the very center of it's large bushy walls lied young princess,clutching to a guitar covered in dust. The man who had stummbled upon her shook her shoulder lightly and as her eyes fluttered open,seh spoke the words into the wind,"I found it. . ."