• I repeated it now - I love you. I love you. Please. Then it came-that one small last gasp. We waited for the next, but there was no next one. You expect death to bring some new form of punctuation, but there it is:One small gasp.Period.

    I know that people say when you die your life flashes before your eyes. I had no idea what he saw. I will never know. But after that very last gasp there was a silent moment. Suddenly our life together flashed before my own eyes. It couldnt have taken longer than ten seconds but it was all there: The dance,the first time going out as a couple, doing the box step on the ballroom floor decorated so perfectly with his favorite color green and my favorite color pink flooding the room,watching movies together in his den, meeting at our lockers , passing notes, sharing books , or simply glancing over and smiling sweetly,him becoming weaker and weaker after every treatment.......
    It was over so quickly.

    When you die your heart just stops.
    When he died my heart stopped.