• As soldiers controled much of the Karen State,. My village was careful to protect us in any way.. In August 4, 1965.. My little baby sister was born on Kho To We hospital, .. She had lil brown eyes which would sparkle in the light, an almost bald head with black hair, and long as my arm, 2'7.. My mom and dad named her Dawt Hlei Sung,..The nurses letted me carried her, as soon as I did, Dawt pinched me in the arm, .. I laughed at her lil stubby hands. But that was all it began to change,.. a loud BooM!! was heard over 50 feet away from where I stood in the 5 floor of the hospital.. And I saw hundreds of Burmese soldiers coming from the jungles nearby slaughtering any resistance as they went,.. My mom and dad grabbed me and Dawt and ran for the elevator,... I could see tears in their eyes, .. like they're saying ,"Why now?", ... I cried with tears so did my lil sis, .. We reached the elevator but it was jammed with other people trying to get out, so we used the stairs nearby,.. We raced against time down when suddenly a bullet passed through me, I looked back and saw my mom down,!! I cried in anger, "MOM!, NO!!".. My dad just grabbed Dawt and ran.. I saw my mom putting her hand in the air and said her last words "Be strong".. My dad's face was in wet tears, which almost flooded his face until I wiped it with a hankerchief I got for my early birthday, at August 9 is where i would turn 13, but instead of all my friend coming over, we raced to go to another village for survival,.. I saw bullet comnig everywhere, and so many of my friends and family died along the way, .. I putted my face in my dad's shoulders and cried, wetting his shirt,.. My lil sister was crying so hard,.. She lost all her tears,.. My dad ran through the village as fast as he can crying along the way, even though he had us on his back,. He was faster than any1 running.. Then a mortor hitting in front of us, blowing me and my sis off my dad's back.. My dad, however had his leg blown off at the blast,.. We were safe.. Crawlnig to my father's body with tears and anger, I carried my sis while crawling,.. I felt like my leg was burning, it was bleeding alot,.. I reached my dad and saw him he was still alove, what a relief,..

    That wasnt long until he got his hand on my hand and just lay dead, lifeless, nothing moving, .. I putted my head on his chest and heard a slow beat which began to get slower and slower until a complete stop.. I felt so much anger and tears, I just layed there almost dead for an half an hour until Dawt pinched me and as i slowly woke up, I heard Dawt crying so hard, .. but one thing that's worse was i was surrounded by Burmese soldiers, hands on their AK-47ms, threating to shoot us if I didnt get up, .. I slowly got up tear and anger, ... sweats came along my forehead, .. I picked up Dawt and hugged her hard so they wouldnt take her.. I just watched the floor and my dirty feet until a soldier putted a gun on my head, .. I thought, Is this my End of Life?