• Yin and Yang Unbalanced

    Women are not yet equal with men. Although they have indeed came a long way from the blatantly sexist chivalrous days of old, the fact remains that the scale upon which the two opposite sexes rest is still tipped generously in the males favor. This is owed, in large part, to the many social injustices still carried out to this day despite the surprisingly large feminist campaign. Woman’s screams for equality have been muffled by the thick blanket that American media has draped over its entire body; it is bleeding slowly from the deep rooted sexism within the workforce, and at times has slipped on its own pooling blood to land on its own sword.

    The red eyed machine known as American Media has long victimized, downplayed, and out right slandered women for centuries. They are portrayed as weak, over-emotional, and are exploited sexually as much as modern decency allows, sometimes more than. This trend starts somewhere along within the news moving almost as if tracking a scent through movies, television shows, and even modern novels. Although there are female characters within the movies, books, and television shows that could be seen as empowering and strong they are generally flawed and so unrealistic that it is hard to take them seriously. They tend to remove emotions from these characters giving the false image that feelings make them weak.

    Women within the workforce quickly find the truth of the matter. Their hard earned degrees may get them the job but more often than not gender is the defining point of their career. Women statistically get lower wages than men and rarely find themselves in positions of power. Many would say that women are making progress using the knowledge they gain in college to get more jobs and higher positions but the fact remains that they are still paid less then men who have the same jobs. They also have to work considerably harder to gain promotions to positions which sometimes their experience should have given them in the first place.

    The feminist movement has achieved much for woman's rights. Through their pushing women are so far from their former position socially that one could be fooled into thinking that they are equal to men. However, the feminist movement has become a double edged sword, due to the high and slightly off-key members within the choir. Overly vocal and aggressive, they often only tear their female peers down for saying or doing what they would have done themselves, an action that has divided the entire movement. These overly vocal feminists also tend to gain followers only dividing them more-so.

    There are many other reasons that women are not equal to men in today’s society. The fact is that women are fighting centuries of inequality dating back to Ancient China’s depiction of Yin, the female counterpart to the male Yang, as the passive and evil end of the spectrum. The have come a long way in their social and political standings but they have much more to go before they are truly equal to men. Before then they will have to improve their image in American Media, fully infiltrate and improve their wages within the workforce, and kill the dissension within the whole and move completely united and as a true movement.