• I have just finished reading my diary, the one I wrote when I was in Grade 6 .
    I laughed and as I laughed, I cried as well,
    Cuz I realized that I’ve lost a lot of precious stuff which I truly appreciated, loved, admired and cared about.
    It’s "A Moment”.
    A moment which used to enlighten my days by showing the people who used to appear in my life.
    Those who make my days better by seeing their smiles and listening to their motivating and soothing words.
    Those people are not only my friends, but also my family.

    Personally, along the paths of my life, I’ve met the true friends who are always there, giving support and help whenever and wherever they could.
    Friends who stuck by me through thick and thin.
    Friends that I knew since I was a beginner in the teenagers’ life, where I came to realize the real meaning of trust, love and true friendship.
    Jesus christ , I am truly glad for being lucky to have such true friends.

    As well as my family who gives me courage, advice, guidance and words of wisdom to keep struggling. How lucky am I ?!

    It is really fun to read my cute - childish - innocent - snoopy - pink diary , and it’s also fun to read all the past school magazines and remember every moment during my school days as well.

    I shared the hardships, joy and sadness I have experienced throughout my years with myself again.
    All these memories are imprinted forever in my mind and of course, in my heart.
    Actually, my life passed in front of me as a flashback that aroused a nostalgic sentiment in me whenever I remember these moments.

    But now am getting older,
    am realizing it now,
    am not a child anymore,
    after a month , I’ll join school …
    definitely, I’ll begin a new life ..
    But I promise … I’ll never forget all of u smile

    Someday many years from now
    We'll sit beside the candles glow
    Exchanging tales about our past !!
    And laughing as the memories flow !!
    And when that distant day arrives
    I know it will be understood
    That friendship is like a violin ; the music may stop now and then, but the strings will last forever !!