• Sitting on the river banks, Matthew asked, "Why aint we fishing or something?" Everyone looked at him like he was stupid, "Cause we aint got no rods or anything to do." Criss replied angrily. Everyone was in a bad mood that day because they had just found out that their close friend Adam was killed that morning, by a car coming too fast to stop while he was crossing the road. After a few days and the funeral had came and gone, everyone was still mourning Adam's death Matthew's mom asked the guys if they wanted to go to the local church and say a few prayers for Adam's family, they all thought about it for a few minutes and they nodded at her, meaning yes. They went to the church that night, said a few prayers and went back home to their families for the long night that lay ahead.

    A couple of weeks later everyone was doing a bit better from Adam's death, so the guys went to the river and skipped some rocks along the water, watching as they sank down to the bottom. That day everyone was thinking of the times they'd had with Adam, Matthew looked up from his slump and said, "This feeling aint ever gonna go away, we might as well suck it up and do something about it." Everyone looked at him with a look of curiosity, then Davis spoke up, "Well, I don't know about you but I'm kind of tired of everyone speaking of this, can't we just go on with life, I mean yeah it happened but it was weeks ago!" Everyone nodded in agreement.

    Its been three months now, everyone is partially recovered from Adam's death, the guys meet up at the river and they go for a hike in the woods. For the first time in months, everyone was happy and laughing at each other, Matthew stopped laughing enough to say, "See, this is the way Adam would want things to be if he were still here." Everyone nodded. After they finished the hike everyone called their mom and decided that they were going to stay at Criss's house for the night. After that night everyone got up that morning ate some breakfast, got dressed and went out for the day. About lunch time or a hour or so after, they all went to the local diner and all got a cheeseburger for lunch. They sat and ate, while discussing what their plans were for the rest of the day, they finally decided that they were going to ahead and go to the river and fish for a couple of hours, then walk over to the lake a few miles over and go for a swim. Before swimming they all ran home to get some swimming trunks so they didn't have to walk in wet clothes for about four miles to their house's. After they grabbed their trunks they all meet up at the river, they already had the poles and stuff there because they were planning to go fishing earlier before they went and got something to eat, but their hunger over powered their want for fishing.

    That night after fishing and swimming they all went home a got a nights rest, Matthew, Davis and Criss all had the same dream that night which made them think of Adam even more than they already did. They all meet up at the diner that morning for breakfast, they all ordered some grits, eggs and bacon. They got done and decided that they were tired of the same everyday, so they were thinking of something to do. They finally decided to go the movies for once, then walk to the lake and have some fun. After the movie they decided never to go back, they weren't the kind of guys for movies. Then they went to the lake and had some serious fun for a few hours, they managed to find a rope and a tire and built a swing out of it and hung it over the lake and swung into the lake for a while.

    A couple of nights later, everyone gathered and went to the church, they were gathering to honor five months of Adam's passing. Everyone gathered in a circle and said a prayer remembering Adam and all the times they'd had with him. After the prayer was finished everyone looked up at the statue of God and said "Amen." The service lasted about a hour, after they set up a table with some food and drinks. Everyone stayed for about another hour and talked about the joyous times they had with Adam and what new is going on in their lives. Matthew, Davis and Criss all sat together and talked about random things, they wanted to talk about Adam but they didn't want to be in the same situation they were in five months back. Most everyone was in tears and praying. Suddenly Criss couldn't take it anymore and ran up to the statue of God and yelled, "Why God, why'd you have to take him, what'd he ever do to you?" At this point, Criss was in tears on his knees looking up at the statue utterly balling his eyes out. Everyone was staring at him with their eyes as wide as could be with food hanging all out of their mouths. After that night Criss didn't come outside for days, he stayed inside crying all day, he wouldn't eat, he could barely sleep, basically what it comes down to is he was a nervous wreck.

    It was about three weeks, Criss stayed inside. Eventually Criss needed something to take the pain away, he developed a drug addiction, to Heroin. Criss wasn't the same anymore, no one seen him as often, he tried to kill the pain inside him but nothing ever helped him. Criss was one of those guys who kept everything bottled up until it eventually explodes, which helped him none in this situation. One day Criss decided to go down to the river, while he was sitting there he seen Adams reflection in the water, he started talking to it. Matthew and Davis eventually walked up and seen him, they looked at each other curiously and went up behind Criss and gave him a huge hug, they knew he'd been upset for some time now. After they hugged him he stood up and told them he was sorry for not being around as much as he should, they shook their heads as if they understood.

    Day after day Criss's addiction got worse, he'd do things he wouldn't normally do, which made him really want to stop doing that dreadful drug. Criss decided that he was going to go tell someone and hopefully they could help him with his addiction and get his life back on the right track. Criss told his mom to come into his room and sit on the bed, he explained to her for hours the affects that Adam's death had on his life, she complety understood, what he failed to tell her was that he was addicted to Herion. A few minutes later after an awkward scilence, Criss lowered his head and mumbled, "Mom, I'm addicted to Herion." What he failed to realise is that his mother had excellent hearing and that she completely understood him. Criss's mom's jaw hit the floor, she burst out into tears and questioned him for about a hour. After she was done Criss told her he wanted to be normal agian, he wanted to be like the other kids his age, he wanted to go out and have fun like he used to. Criss's mom took all of his hidden drugs and threw them away immediatly, after she was finished she and Criss walked into the other room and looked him the phone books for local rehab centers, she found the cheapest one, a Christian one, that was the only rehab center she wanted to send her son to.

    About a year or so later, Criss came home, he was ready to find his friends and get back the way it used to be. He called Davis and Matthew and he told them to meet him at the river, he also told them to be prepared for some fun. Matthew and Davis were shocked to find he was back to the he was, they hung up the phones, and ran to the river as fast as they could, they were so excited to see Criss. Criss seen them coming and he ran up to both of them and gave them both a huge huge. Criss told both of them that he never wanted to leave that long agian, he didn't know what he'd do if he had to leave without seeing his best friends for a year.

    Everything was back to the way it used to be, everyone was still aware that Adam was gone, it just didn't affect people as hard as it did before. Criss, Matthew and Davis remained friends for a long time, until Davis went away to college at the University of California and Criss went to the University of Georgia. Although they were still pretty good friends, they weren't as close as they used to be, everyone mainly drifted apart and went on with their lives and had families. Everyone lived long and primarily happy lives, they kept in touch and usually met up about once a month, sometimes once every two months.

    Well that was the story of Adam, Criss, Davis and Matthew. Although Adam's story wasn't as told as everyone elses he still lives on in the hearts of his friends and family. Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed.