• The sun rose over the silent forest and a hill that stood at very center. And of this hill was the Kingdom of Vighan. It was built was an Outer wall and an Inner wall. The space between the two walls was a village. More like a city. People traded and bought from shops that were built. The streets were not dirt; they were made of white stones. There were houses that looked future like and were two stories high. Yes, life in the village was good.
    Beyond the Inner wall was where Princess Kaydee lived. She made sure that her people were happy with the kingdom. But this Princess had a problem, she loved pink. Her chamber was pink along with her wardrobe and accessories. Some of the villagers called her “Pink”, but not to her face though. Princess Kaydee was kind to her loyal servants and loyal villagers. Sometimes she’d go out and speak to the animals that were willing to listen. She wasn’t afraid of who she was and what her thoughts were. She made sure that people had her say in any subject that came up. She was open about who she was. Except for one secret she held very tightly. She was a vampire. She wasn’t one of those blood thriving ones, no. But she did crave blood from time to time and that’s when her brother would come in with chocolate. Chocolate covered the craving and satisfied her need for blood.
    Her brother, also the advisor, William held a secret of his own. He was a magician. He knew of his sister’s secret since he was twelve and she was seventeen. He held these secrets close to him. But recently, he’s been looking pale and looking tired. Usually he would be cheerful and helpful. His blue eyes singing with kindness. His medium dirty blonde hair was soft and sometimes, he would allow people to touch it if they begged enough.

    * * *
    But everything wasn’t peaceful within this kingdom. There was a group of people that wanted to see Her Highness dead. She kept the peace for too long. These groups of people were called “The Fallen.” Due to the fact that they are dark angels who fell from heaven they were incredibly beautiful. Thought the fallen were angelic beings, they were by no stretch of the imagination pleasant or nice. Their leader was named Searinox; his temper rivaled that of the original fallen angel, Lucifer. The princess knew nothing of the cult whom wanted her dead with a fiery passion. The chocolate addicted vampire sat in her room trying to contain her blood lust, and craving for the food that calmed her spirit. The fallen moved around the kingdom like specters made of shadows, their black hooded robes were the only thing most people saw.
    The pink princess awoke one night to her adviser's call; there was something that she needed to decide right away. Ignoring the aching pain in her jaw from her fangs and the empty pit in her stomach that only her addiction could temporarily fill the princess hurried to William so that the crisis could be discussed and possibly averted. “Your highness,” the adviser said bowing before her. “We have received a troubling letter from an anonymous source.”
    The princess read the letter: The princess, Kaydee, must surrender to the fallen or face the wrath of their leader who will slaughter three villagers every hour until the throne is vacated by the ‘pink’ princess. You have two days to comply with our demands. “Why would someone want me to step down from the throne?" she asked in her innocent voice. Her normally loving and caring eyes were filling with tears, “Am I that unfit to lead Vighan?” Everyone in the court shook their head and pleading with her to not blame herself for what those mysterious beings wanted from her…..

    “The letter was delivered as you demanded milord,” one of the cultists said kneeling before the glorious leader of the ‘Fallen’. The being who sat on a throne made entirely of human bones looked pleased with what he heard; with a brush of his golden brown skin he brushed his ebony locks away from his face. “You have done well Nehalem.” Searinox said with a voice that sounded like the wind. His black wings shifted, the sound of feathers rustling filled the small room. The members of his inner circle started muttering among themselves. “All is going according to my plan.”

    Back in the throne room of the vampire princess, William sat pleading with his sister to not give into the demands of the demonic cult. “Your majesty, Surely you did not expect everyone to be pleased by a seventeen year old ruling over our lands did you?” he asked despite the logic he was presenting her the princess had planned on leaving her throne so that the lives of her villagers would be spared. “You do not understand William, if I don’t do what they demand innocent people will die; I couldn’t bear with that kind of remorse on my mind.” She said between sobs. “I have to relinquish the crown and step aside.” The royal court was pleading with the pink princess to not abandon the kingdom. “I will do what I must to ensure the safety of my people.” Princess Kaydee said as she stood up, her pink gown shifting like water and then flowed behind her as she walked out of the castle with a single purpose on her mind.
    The forest where Princess Kaydee went to commune with her animal friends fell silent, she was aware of everything around her; there wasn’t even the sound of bugs. Something was wrong with her hideaway. Looking at one of the trees closest to her she found a crudely drawn symbol: Ω. It was the mark of the ‘Fallen’. The demonic cult had disrupted the normal state of wherever they went. The forest was dying from their unnatural presence in this world, one of the whispers about them was wherever they went; hell followed closely behind them. The trees themselves seemed to be slowly decaying around her. Off in the distance the princess could hear chanting. Moving as silently as a ghost the princess tried to find the source of the chanting, the air was saturated with an unknown energy. The vampire princess found a group of black robed strangers suddenly one of the robed figures turned around and said “We have a visitor, she needs to be killed!”
    The princess was chained to one of the dead trees in the center of the forest. Her fantastic pink dress was now ruined, tears filled her eyes. The robed group had cut the princess in several places; her wounds were slowly spilling her royal blood. The leader of the fallen smiled as dragged William to see what had happened to his beloved sister and then with the flash of steel, the royal adviser had been given a fatal wound. With this last breath he whispered “Please….find the strength to……help your people.”
    Since her kidnapping of the pink princess of Vighan Hell had risen to the planet. Innocent people were being killed left and right, there was no justice, the weak were preyed upon by those who had power. There looked to be no end to the nightmare that had befallen the people. Once the princess had recovered from the shock of watching her brother die, her eyes flashed blood red; the chains that bound her burst from her petite little body; huge bat like wings grew from between her shoulder blades. Her normally small and unnoticeable fangs grew past her lower lip. The fallen all trembled with fear of what they had just witnessed. With a voice that was soaked with magical power the princess commanded “I banish you from my kingdom, go back to hell where you came from.”
    A mystical vortex opened up from the forest floor and was pulling every black robed person back toward the center. Searinox was screaming as his wings had started to disappear as if acid had started to burn them off. Once all the fallen had been banished. The princess returned to her normal self. She picked up the body of her advisor; she needed to return to her kingdom to restore order.

    The end?