• Coming home from work early Leeya caught her husband in bed with another woman, she didnt say anything and she didnt interupt them. She watched and with disgust she left the house without a word, steaming with fury she drove as fast as she could with no destination. Leeya finally stoped and pulled into the into the nearest bar, she needed a drink. She slammed her door and hurried up to the bar door realizing it was a strip club, anger refueld her and she pushed past the door letting it slam shut as she stalked up the the bar and shouted her order over the music. Leeya drank several drinks while her mind replayed the scene over and over and over again. Time slipped her by and it was getting late, her "husband" would be expecting her home soon to cook dinner. She laughed and thought 'Well he can just have his new girl cook his stupid dinner'. She continued to drink a few more drinks when an idea came into mind. Revenge. Her mind began to run, gears turned and soon she had a plan. Leeya motioned over the nearest stipper and told her what she had caught her husband doing, then she told the stipper her plan. The stippper understood Leeyas position and agreed to help, she took her back to the dressing rooms and had her try on an outfit that was to die for. Thanking the stripper she left. Leeya drove home with a smile on her face the whole way. She new that her husband wasnt "suppose" to be home for another half hour so she stopped at a XXX store and bought some supplies. She got home just in time to set up.
    Jermey, her husband, arrived only moments before Leeya had finished. He opened the front door and was about to announce himself when he noticed that the light switch wouldn't turn on, he turned around and saw candles alit. He fallowed the rose pettles, taking off his clothes as he went thinking of what his wife could have in store. As he entered the bedroom, Leeya in the shadows told him to get fully undressed and go to the bed. Once he was on the bed she walked up to the foot of the bed then crawled up the bed towards him. She kissed him softly and while having his attenting on kissing her she took his arms and lifted them up to the bed posts, where she clasped them into cuffs. Jermey thinking it was all play laughed slightly and positioned himself upright better while she then moved to the foot of the bed, thinking it was all some fun foreplay. Leeya got off the bed and walked over and turned up the light, Jermey slightly gasped at the outfit Leeya had on and immediatly got excited. Picking up the sycthe she had next to the door she walked slowly back towards Jermey and the bed. He grinned, she smiled and to show him how much of a good time he was about to have she swung at the bottum bed post and cut off the top. His smile froze and slowly slipped away, then he got mad and yelled asking her what she was doing. She told him of what she found him doing this afternoon. He got angrier and started yelling at her to uncuff his hands. She walked around to the side of the bed and without so much as a warning, swung the sycth and chopped off his head. She grabbed his head and then left the house. She grabbed his head and left the house. She drove the the police station and dropped his head off on the curb and left.
    For months the police looked for Leeya, assuming she had either been killed or was the killer and took off they looked for her. She was never sighted or found. More killings happend and were simular to what had happened to Jermey, they figured it was Leeya and tried tracking her down for years. Many sighted seeing a woman dressed in red and black lingerie with a scythe leaving some of the crime scenes, but never was there any evidence left to really conclude who was killing these men. Leeya was never found, but over the years many more men were later found tied to their beds and their head cut off, all later found to have been cheating on their wifes or girl friends.