• I would be a great president because I will help the economy, do something about the war in Iraq, and help with Energy and the Environment.

    I will help the economy by cutting taxes for working families and giving back to the taxpayers in need. I will help people who lose their jobs because of their jobs going overseas or their companies are going out of business. I will help them by making jobs for those people and increasing the minimum wage. I’m going to put more money into scientific research and we will have better technology for scientific training in our schools. I will spend as much needed to make this possible.

    I think the war in Iraq was a mistake to enter into. Too many lives are being lost on both sides of the war. We should help other nations and give them peace. We should help rebuild Iraq and end the conflict. Also we need to help Iraq have a healthy economy so that there are fewer homeless, living in shelters or in the streets.

    We as Americans should invest in different energy sources. Some examples might be wind, solar, hydrogen, and etc. Some of the money donated from larger businesses should be used. The new cars we make should use less gas or no gas at all. This will decrease the pollution that contributes to climate change.

    This is why you should pick me for president. I will work for the benefit of all Americans and work to restore our standing in the world as an example for all others to follow.