• I woke up, took a look at my clock and saw it was only 6: 35 am, classes start at 8:00 am so I took my shower , got dressed , checked my outfit in the mirror , grabbed my iPhone , and zoomed toward locker bay. I then yanked my stuffed locker open and grabbed my books for our first 3 periods. I checked myself in the mirror as I always did , grabbed my gym bag and headed for the locker bay in the gym. I got my cleats on , grabbed my soccer ball and rushed to the field to start practicing on my own. I kicked the ball as hard into the air as I could then rushed after it and kicked it into the other net, I repeated this about 20 times until I was bored of it. I then rushed back to the gym locker bay , showered again their and got dressed again.
    I walked to the bleachers and saw that my friends weren't their. I walked around campus , and couldnt find them. Finally out of breath I walked back to the bleachers hoping maybe they were their, but they weren't, instead their was a girl, I had seen her a couple of times but had never actually had a conversation with her. She had a sketch-pad on her lap and she looked like she was sketching out a masterpeice. I crept up closer to get a quick glance at her artwork, she turned around to face me and said " What do you want? " I then explained I was just trying to get a look at what she was drawing. She replied " Its terrible isn't is? " as I took a quick look at the sketch I saw a beautiful girl in a light pink corset. I was amazed.
    "No, its actually amazing, where did you learn to draw like that?"she responded " My father is an artist, I used to watch him draw and paint all the time." I said " Well anyway my names Chelsea, its nice to meet you."
    The girl answered " Everybody knows who you are, theirs no need to introduce yourself."
    I felt my cheeks redden with embarrasment. I asked her " I dont mean to be rude but what's your name?" The girl replied " My name is Clarissa." I said " We should hang out sometime, but I have to get to class, bye Clarissa." "Bye." she called after me.
    I rushed to class but then the bell rang. I went to the office to get a late pass and headed to class. As I walked in their was Natalia, she called to me " So where were you?" I said " I was talking to somebody and I lost track of time." She responded with a smirk " Really? It looked to me as if you were stalling." The teacher glanced at the both of us, put her pen down and said " Thats quite enough both of you, take your seats." My jaw clenched. I couldn't believe it, was Natalia turning on me? Millions of questions went through my mind as I picked up my pen and started to write down math problems on the board.
    After class I rushed to my locker, trying to avoid my so called "friends".
    I smoothed my hair and opened my locker, taking my time. Then they came in, Natalia , Sofia , and Camilla. I shoved my head into my locker trying to look busy, and inhaled the smell of my citrus scent spray from my locker. They all took a look at me for a few seconds, snickered, and then left. I ignored it, I just rushed to volleyball practice and tried not to think about the incidents of the day.
    As I walked into the gym with my knee pads on, Camilla jumped behind me and pushed me onto my knees. She smirked and said " Just making sure your knee pads are on right." Then walked away snickering. My eyes narrowed, I wanted to aim endless volleyballs at her head. But why? After-all she was my friend, or was she? I had a feeling those girls were using me. I hit a couple of balls over the net, trying to perfect my serve. Then when we had a real volleyball game, everytime I dove for the ball Camilla to bump me out the way with her hip and bounce the ball off her wrists.
    After practice I went to locker bay and showered, I got on my clothes and went straight to my dorm. Its not like they could bust into my own dorm, right? I layed on my bed and studied for a history quiz coming up next week. Then slowly my eyelids got heavy, they started to gently fall as I fell asleep. I dreamed about being friends with Clarissa and all her friends, hanging out with them, oh the fun we could have together.