• In all honesty, it's a cruel world. We are born....we live...we die. It an endless cycle that'll keep going on, and on, forever.
    We all know about this cruel cycle and we've all come to terms with it. Whether we accept it or not...it happens. I've always known death was inevitable. I've always known that all living things must perish. Yet now, as I stand here, I only think of death as a cold prison where you'll forever be kept. It's only now that I finally realize, that I've always said I would accept your death, but now I find that I don't want to believe it. My mind is a blank slate as I stare at that empty hole, listening to the murmurs of the last words of everyone around me. Thousands of thoughts are running through my mind, there are thousands of words I could say now that you are dead. Memories are overflowing through my mind, all were fond, all when we were young. And...the funny thing is...while I stand here remembering all these things...I remember something unfortunate.
    Lately...I've never said, "good boy", and pat your head when I wanted to. I never got to go and lay the extra blanket on top of you while you looked so cold these past months. I never got to read you "The Night Before Christmas," this past year. There were a lot of things I always wanted to do but never got the chance.
    All these things, everything I never said. Everything I never did. They were all coming forth as the dirt fell over you slowly. Everything....had to return to mother earth I guess...one day. Slowly, I felt others leaving until it was just I alone standing in the night wind. I still stared where the dirt had fallen long ago already.
    When I finally realized just how long it been, I found myself turning away from the grave, no matter how hard it was. I walked up the steps and into the doorway, stopping to look back out and all the tears suddenly came. Some force drove me back to kneel beside the grave and set a hand on it, as if patting the earth. But no. I was patting what I knew was beneath the earth.
    "I love you."