• Juliet: "Devin, you are so strange... I fell into your spell once, and I have broken away now. I once loved you and cared for you, but I must lock you away from my heart. The damage you caused me may fade away quiker, but the pain is larger than your heart."

    DEVIN:"If that is what you want, then leave, I do not fear your absence from my heart."

    Romeo:''Juliet I have for long searched you, you are my love at first sight. You are the beauty in my dreams that I have long awaited...please come to me."

    Juliet:*rolls eyes* "You are just but a friend, my heart is acheing from a stun of love, break my heart and I break you, or stay a while and I'll open my heart for you."

    Romeo: "Was that a yes or no?"

    Juliet: "Romeo I have spent 30 days and 30 nights dreaming of you now, I was yet a fool to not have seen the truth in you."

    Romeo: " I have awaited that answer..but it kills my soul so say I can no longer share my heart with you. You will be far off in your kingdom while I am in mine.."

    Juliet: ( he means I have to wait till we graduate!?)

    Dairy entry one: It has been more than 5 months since Romeo and I have spoken. I feel as if my love for him has faded. Yet when his name is mentioned or I remember the things he enjoyed, I break into tears...he is the first one I have cried for...but why? Now Devin knew of when I would be with Romeo, and was jelous, he now secretley wants me back....that stupid jerk. I met an old friend, Luis, same funny boy he was as a young child. Though I thought there was chemistry between he and I, I musnt break the friendship we have...plus, before I even told Lily I felt something of him, she blurted out she loves him. Yes it does ache my heart when she mentions him and he appears of no were to speak with both of us, but no one can replace the break in my heart with the bond Romeo and I shared.
    *drops dairy book, walks toward ledge, looks back at Luis kissing Lily, and jumps of cliff into the air*

    *jumps off to get Juliet*
    *both are in mid air alling, somehow Romeo caught up to Juliet and grasps her in his arms while they are falling*

    Juliet: "WHY ARE YOU HERE?!"
    Romeo:''BECAUSE OF THIS'' *KISSES Juliet*
    * CRASH*