• STOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, sorry I did not know that you were standing there. You want to here about my life from birth to present? Okay, sure, here it goes. On August 16th, 1998 I was born. My name is Anthony Ostrander, I was so cute when I was born. When I got older, nah, but I just cant skip up to that point because that wouldn’t explain my life.
    It was at the North Ottawa community hospital of Grand Haven, MI at 5:27am, when this “miracle” happened. I was taken home 1 day late by my mother, Traci Irene Gardener. But it’s not like I am still living with her, no, I’m not. When I was six months from birth I was taken away from my mother [The reason I prefer not to say for personal reasons.]. It was a harsh February when I was sent to a foster home by the state of Michigan. By what I was told was not treated the best in the world, but I am currently sitting here and telling you about my life, so I’m fine. I was in the foster home a long, dreadful, year and a half before my grandma had came and signed some legal papers to be my legal guardian.
    The next day the social worker had taken me to my home, 341 East maple street in Gladwin, Michigan. I was not supposed to eat cookies at that time, but the social worker fed me cookies on the way to my house and I ate them with no problems at all. When my grandma found out she was electrified to find out that I’d still been alive. To this day I still don’t know why I couldn’t have cookies at the age I was. Two months later it was Halloween and I just stayed home and stayed home and help my grandma pass out candy to other kids. I saw a lot of costumes such as lions, vampires, and Scooby-Doo, but half way through at seven o’clock my grandma said
    “Anthony, it’s time to go to bed”
    She said it in a real soft tone by not quite a whisper.
    Then came along thanksgiving, a time of year when people pig out, and boy, did I? You I learned my first word on thanksgiving, obviously it was ‘more’. when it became Christmas I became more frequent with speaking English words like ‘bubbles’ and ‘vroom, vroom’. after we opened presents me, grandma, and my uncle Tim made myself my first snowman, and we named him ‘ Snowman’.
    On September 9th, 2001 was the date that I first started going to pre-school. The name of the pre-school I went to was ‘Gladwin jump start pre-school’. all that we learned in that school was are ABC’s and are colors. When it was two-thousand and five was a sad year, especially for my grandma because it was her mom that died L. the reason why she died was not old age, it was pneumonia at age 97. And that’s my life [the parts I want to share anyways.