• Falling asleep during school wasn’t the best thing to do, especially on my second day attending. I couldn’t help it; looking up vampire twin information two nights in a row without a wink of sleep really affected me. Just closing my eyes for a few minutes wouldn’t do any harm. I allowed myself to drift, get out of focus, to not concentrate on my surroundings and forget all of what has happened.
    It wasn’t long after I was asleep I heard the crunching of snow, but I didn’t bother to open my eyes. It was probably Gwen to check on me and tell me it was time to go in. The person stopped, two people breathing evenly. I should tell her to go, not to worry, that I would be there in a minute. My eyes opened, only to see, not blue glasses, but beautiful brown eyes. Those eyes were surrounded by golden blond hair. Aaron. I yelped and sat up quickly, knocking our foreheads together. I sprang off the bench.
    “Ow!” I turned to see Aaron holding his head in one hand, the other outstretched in front of him; through his pain he was smiling.
    “Haven’t you learned to not ever sneak up on me,” a shaky laugh. Aaron laughed with me.
    “Sorry, guess I’m still learning, what are you doing out here?”
    “I should be asking you the very same,” A playful smile spread across my face.
    “Well . . . I just got bored and,” he had moved closer to me, we were about three feet apart. His eyes met mine, “I thought I’d join you out here, but you were asleep.”
    I looked away shyly, “Yes, I’ve been pulling a few all-nighters lately.”
    “Oh really? Why would you--,” he was in the middle of his question when the door blasted open and a shrill voice called his name.
    “AARON!” We both turned to see Shelly, ugh, his girlfriend. Why me? Why her? She’s the most annoying thing on the planet! Drop it, she’s only temporary. Wait, what am I saying? I hold no interest in Aaron, he’s dating Shelly--unfortunately--so why do I care? The legend of the vampire twins was make believe, not real, Aaron was just a boy who caught my attention. No big deal, walk away. I stepped far from him, crossed my arms and looked at the fountain. It only brought back the depressing conversation I had with myself a few moments ago.
    I had to get out of here. I didn’t want to be anywhere near Shelly, it was plain as day that she hated me with all her might. Apparently, she thought I would be Aaron’s eye candy. A new, gorgeous face could distract him from her--heaven knows why he wouldn’t be already before I even got here.
    My feet started to move through the light, fluffy snow to the door.
    “Wait, Charlotte! Where are you going?” Aaron’s voice called from behind, that lovely voice. My head shook just to get the thought out.
    My torso turned, seeing his forlorn expression. “I’m going in.”
    He started to follow me, “I’ll come too,” but before he could step two feet, Shelly latched herself onto his arm. How annoying this was going to get.
    “Oh no, Aaron, your staying out here with me until the bell rings,” Shelly batted her eyelashes at him.
    Fury rose inside of me, that little . . . wait, what am I saying? Aaron is her boyfriend, so she was allowed to do that sort of thing. Besides, why did I care? I’m not positive that he could be my soul mate; there was no ultimate proof of it.
    He looked up at me, disappointment in his eyes. My lips formed a small sad smile, “I’ll see you in gym, Aaron”
    And with that, I walked away.
    Most of the lunch room had started to clear out to their next class. Gwen was waiting for me impatiently with my bag in her hand. A cold rush of air brushed my back, Aaron and Shelly came inside. I could hear Aaron starting to make his way towards me, quickly stepping in Gwen’s direction and grabbed my bag.
    My feet barely touched the ground as I ran to the locker rooms. My hand was on the door when I finally willed myself to slow down and breathe. I inhaled a lungful of air, relax Charlotte, and relax. Deep down, my stomach was on a roller coaster, doing flips and turns all over the place. It was a wonder why it was happening, but a part of me knew why. I was excited to see Aaron. Why I do, will be a mystery, but I was.
    Just when I was about to walk through the doors, Mrs. Cooks stopped me. A wide smile was on her chubby face and a handful of clothes in her left hand and clipboard in the other.
    She thrust the shirt and shorts forward into my hands, “Your gym clothes dear.”
    I nodded in gratitude.
    “Now, go on and get dressed, you’re already late, but I won’t count that against you, since I made you late in the first place.” She shooed me away.
    Going inside, I got attacked by various scents of perfume. My throat condensed with the overwhelming smells. Especially with my highly developed sense of smell, I felt like I was drowning. A cough escaped my mouth. I had to get dressed quickly and out of here.
    I chose a locker and took off my clothes. It was eerily quiet in here; it gave me an uneasy feeling. Yanking on my new shirt and shorts, I ran into a problem right away.
    The shorts were too small; they stopped just past my seat.
    “Perfect,” I muttered to myself, maybe I could ask Mrs. Cooks for a new pair. Yet, what did it matter? I had the legs to pull them off. Stuffing the rest of my outfit in the locker, my eyes saw the gorgeous brunette standing in the mirror. Me. A small sigh escaped my lips, oh well. Time to go.
    I turned around to examine my overly exposed well tanned legs. Soon, my lips formed a smirk. I hate to admit it, but, I did look hot in these. Never was I this shallow, but why tell a lie?
    My feet walked through the locker room doors then to the gym ones. Mrs. Cooks was in the middle of making new teams for bad mitten. Everyone, oh and I do mean everyone was staring at me as I walked in. Especially the guys, they all were staring at my rear, some of their jaws even fell. The girls looked at me with jealousy. They all envied my perfect body. Ladies, thank vampire beauty for that one. Pride swelled inside me, being the center of envy today was glorious. What was with me? I was acting like . . . Violet.
    As soon as it appeared, the pride was gone. Shame replaced it, how could I be the same as my evil sister?
    “Ah, Charlotte, I see your uniform fits,” was she serious? Wow, how oblivious she was. “Now that you’re here, we can have even teams. You’re on Josh’s team.”
    She pointed to a jock with dark brown hair, muscular build and fierce grey eyes that trailed up and down me with lust. A shiver of disgust ran up my spine. Why did I have to be with him? The sense of pride I had before was definitely gone; to have guys like Josh look at me like that was terrifying. Although, the fact that I could snap his neck in less than one second was some what comforting to me.
    Mrs. Cooks clapped her meaty hands together, “Alright class, grab a racket and get playing!”
    We did as we were told and went to our assigned courts. As I was walking over, Josh brushed up against me; his eyes bright with desire.
    “Hey little flower, you got a nice a** there,” as he spoke, he reached for it.
    Quickly, I whipped around to face him and smacked him hard in the shoulder with my racket.
    “Ow!” He grabbed the shoulder I hit as he yelped.
    I narrowed my eyes menacingly, “Remember, Josh, some flowers have thorns.” Then, I softened my expression and threw a playful smile at him. With that said, I jogged the rest of the way to the court.
    To pass the time, I thought that stretching would be good. Not that it was needed for me. Clasping my hands together in front of me, I pushed them forward, stretching my shoulder muscles. Next, I put one arm folded behind my back over my shoulder. With my free hand, I pushed the arm down, gaining a few more inches down my back.
    “Did you really have to hit Josh?” My head spun around to see Aaron, smiling as he was copying my stretches. He was on my team, happiness filled me instantly.
    I bent down to touch the floor, “Yes, I did. He was trying to grab my a**.”
    Raising myself up, my eyes noticed that Aaron was staring at my long legs and was slightly red in the cheeks.
    He shook his head fiercely and looked into my eyes this time. “Well, you didn’t have to hit him for that. He’s a guy, Charlotte. Your going to have to get used to stupid guys looking and grabbing at you, especially when you’ve got a hot b--,” he cut himself off. I looked at him curiously, I knew what the end of his sentence was, it didn’t frazzle me, but his statement did.
    “I think I handled it very nicely,” I replied, he laughed softly. “Besides, aren’t you a guy too? So why aren’t you trying to grab at me as well? About every other boy here has longed for me within the two days I’ve been here. What makes you so different, Aaron Blackwood? Hm? Is it because of Shelly? Are you not allowed to have temptation so you don’t let yourself get distracted by someone who’s far better looking than her? Does your heart belongs to her?”
    Whoa, where did all this self confidence come from? Within my whole speech of touchy-grabby, I had stopped stretching and moved closer to Aaron. I hadn’t noticed it until my ranting stopped. We were less than a foot apart, his body heat radiating off of him. I breathed in his scent, the smell of honey and vanilla. I could feel myself being consumed by him.
    We were both silent, me waiting for his response and him, too dumb founded to answer.
    “I-I,” he finally spat out. I waited for more, eager to hear what he was going to say.
    A whistle blew, signaling for the games to begin. Indeed they were, both in gym class and between me and Aaron.

    Over all, we were a kick butt group. We were dominating the various matches we had. Every time the birdie flew by me and whacked it with minimum effort and skill and it always went over perfectly. The first few times I hit it, Josh attempted to give me a high five, but the glare in my eyes finally gave him the hint that I didn’t want to be touched.
    It was the last match of the class, we were tied twenty to twenty, with five minutes left in class and the next point would be game point. I shifted eagerly from foot to foot, waiting for the birdie to fly into my section. The server on the opposing team hit it to my side every single time. I was more than ready.
    The server, Bernie Glace, sent it flying my way; I started to back up, trying to find where the birdie was going to land. Faster I backed up, forgetting to say that I had it so that no one would be in my way. My eyes zeroed in on the small object in the air, nothing else but it.
    My arm slowly pulled back, prepared to smack the birdie with the racket. All of a sudden, I tripped over someone’s feet. I started to stumble, and so did the person I ran into. My arms flailed uselessly in the air, in some small hope that it would help me stay up. But that wouldn’t do crap. My hand released the racket, sending it flying into the next court. A small yelp escaped my lips as both I and my teammate fell to the floor. With a bang we smashed, with me on top of them.
    “Oh God, I’m so sorry, I didn’t watch were I was going,” I started to apologize before I even saw who I landed on. “Sorry, sorry, sorry . . .”
    My own eyes met beautiful brown ones. I gulped. If blood was running through me, I would be blushing the deepest shade of red.
    As my eyes ran over his face, I noticed that his lips were spread in a crooked smile. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them, they were so luscious and perfect, and then a great desire to kiss him overwhelmed me. Finally, I recognized the position I was in above him. My hands were on either side of his head, and each leg on either side of his hips. I was practically straddling him! There was a space less than five inches between us. Yet, in a way, I liked the feeling. Oh how I liked it so very much.
    Then, it finally struck me, there was no more denying it. I had found my proof. One more time, my eyes trailed up and down the face of my now realized soul mate.