• Ok So Me And My Bestie Eve And Some Dudes (Malakhi,Tristan,Ralph,Trevante) ok so heres some gay s**t we said and did and .. stuff

    Ok Navroop said"damn shame how billy died" "who da ******** is billy"asks eve "u dont noe who billy is" says malakhi "i dont" trevante says "i dnt eder" sayd ralph "OXI CLEAN!!!" yells navroop "wdf r u doing"asks eve malakhi yells "Buy Oxi Clean!!!" "malakhi stfu ur bein gay" Says Ralph "dnt u noe who the oxi clean man is BILLY maze. (OR HOWEVER U SPELL IT) . HES DAT DUDE DAT YELLS IN ALL DA OXI CLEAN COMMERCIALS!" YELLS NAVROOP "df oooooooooooo yaaaaaaa i know him " Treavnte whispers "dumbass" "BILLY MAZE IS NOT A DUMBASS AND HES COOL CUZ U NOE HE MAKES PPL BUY s**t ALL CUZ HE YELLS " yells navroop "well ok den" says ralph "DNT BUY OXI CLEAN. i thnk dat came from the OXI CLEN! HEAVENS!! " yells navroop "o s**t" says ralph -every1 looks up - o s**t i c billy run!!!!! o s**t every1 yells teacher comes wats happening here um......... we heard billy maze says eve "omg" says da teacher "******** dis s**t " yells malakhi "NOW IF U BUY DA FARAH FAUCET ULL HAV DA WETTEST SINK IN DA WRLD !" yells our imaginary billy "IF U BUY DA SHAMWOOHOO ULL NEVER HAVE A WET TABLE AGEN ULL BE SAYIN WDF EVERY TYM!!!!!!" yells billy (from da heavens)

    and dats pretty mch a usuall day 4 me and me frends and yes .... i hav 1 thing to say ...... o ya dare is a raper named tristan momerto he has went over 2 phillipino gurls 1 viatnemese gurl he has blak hair clown shoes and he wears skool uniform and he looks weird "O s**t" yells billy "billy stfu" says navroop and so if u c him call dis number (666)666 6666 ok den if u c him call dat numba up dare ok ok!!!!! ******** U yells billy "billy wdf!!!" yells navroop um...... and dats pretty mch it wel... bye =)