• However I mannage to actually to get notice that some people who are mean and nasty to others. So I came across with the girl who is negative and spoiled rotten brat at my adult program, and I am afraid of that girl. So me and my best friend were talking about all that one problem. And I tried to know of whats going on. So the negative girl at the adult program, we though she is going to share the chocolate chips with us, but no, she meant to eat it all. So I said to her, that I thought that is greedy. Well I told her about the mistake I have done. So I switch her chore instead of vacum. So I thought that is easier then sweeping, I thought. My best friend said " don't do it". So I did it and rebel just a little bit. And whoever came to be that I came up with the subject that don't judge the person the way she or she looks.

    Well it meant to say that the girl in the internet I came across with and judge my avatar the way it looks. However she thought my avatar looks hidious and ugly. And I don't judge her. However it might be said that you never judge the avatar in the internet until you get to know them. Same goes in the real world. I have the few spelling errors and thats okay. I am learning still. Some people who are negative don't get what they actually deserved. And for those who knew me that they could understand to what is is. and when I came across these people who are nasty to me. And I am still learning about all in one person. And didn't seem right to be friends with one person.

    And then I thought about myself that is still known of whats going on. So I told my mom about whats going on with my best friend and my negative friend were up to. Even its not my own place.