• in the corner of my eye i see a smile

    im scared to approach this person next to me

    because her voice will freeze my life

    is this love i feel or my mind is high

    every time she enter the room my tears dry

    I say hi and she smiles

    I ask hows your day

    shes tayerd of life

    im broken and as well

    I want to say something to her

    but my wounds are to deep

    and I smile back to cover my feelings

    I find my self nealing

    every night. I m , Alone!

    after I walk her to her dorm

    I feel like holding this person

    and saying im in the same prison as u are

    but instead she goes in the building and im by myself Again

    out side in the cold and snowy night

    I go back to my room and wait till the next time

    I have a chance to tell her

    will this moment ever arrive or will I be stuck in this prison