• Kimme woke up by the sounds of water droplets.
    DROP! drop! Drop!
    There was a hole in her celing and water was falling on her head.
    She slept in the attic cuz it was the only place that was quiet.
    she quickly,but quietly tiptoed down the stair steps to go see what time it was.
    it was early! only 7:23. she quickly put on her rain boots and coat to go to her friends house. Kimme said she would meet her friend at 7:30.
    She hurried and ran outside careful not to slip on anything out on the cold slippery mud.
    She was so excited to go show her friend, Amy her new T-shirt that had pink hearts and was a blue shirt.
    She was wearing it with a cute pair of jeans. Kimme started thinking anout how cool it would be if it started raining candy.
    She could grab a basket and get cand!...for free!
    while she was thinking she slipped on a jar.
    Hmm...thought Kimme. Why would there be a jar? she stood up to wipe off her hands.
    SHE WAS BLEEDING! The jar must have broke she thought. She raced to her friends house so she could clean and het her hands cared for.
    Amy's mom was a nurse. Her mom could help her with her bleeding hands.
    She stuck her hands in her rain coat and felt something small,fragile but smooth.
    Kimme took it out of her pocket.
    She couldnt believe it! A real small fairy! with light blue wings and a white dress.