• I rest my head against your chest,
    your heart is beating in my ear.

    I listen and think of our past,
    of our present,
    and of our future.

    My world is yours and yours is mine.
    We will strive to clean it,
    to purify what we can.
    With your power and wisdom,
    and my love and care.
    We will rebuild this world,
    not new,
    but better.

    I truly believe I have found he who is closest to god.
    His name says it all.
    And I,
    the Sheep,
    will follow him.
    I will care and provide for him what I can.
    If my love was given such a powerful name,
    I the lamb must take care of him.

    We complete each other,
    Our paths crossed for a reason.
    And instead of walking past one another,
    we paved our own new road.
    No matter how cracked or destroyed it may get,
    we will repair it.
    It will remain ours.

    Until death do us part.
    And we will wait to roam the earth again,
    then to be together for eternity.
    I will forever love my Michael.