• When he left me, I cried and cried. My friends hated him for what he did. Then he came back, and I was just a fool. I thought I was in love, but I was so wrong..

    The second day of school, he said, was the day he started liking me. The second week of school, I said, was the day I started liking him. I heard he tried to go with me, but I was blind, just like I am now. I would write poems, just a way to escape life. But they always reminded me of life itself. I would sing my heart out in hopes i could forget about him. They only added to my pain, and my love for him. Can you love a liar when you know that they would lie to you, then lie to their friends, saying that they love you and only you? Can you hate someone for that? I can't do either.. I give in to anyone willing to say they like me, I'm crazy, I know, but for some reason he always seemed to tell me he loved me, while his eyes were screaming, "Don't fall for it! Your just another victim!!" When I talked to him on the phone, I could only hear his voice saying what I wanted to hear, not what I needed to hear. "I only went out with her to make her happy, I never liked her." Those words from his mouth. The person that was my best friend starting on the first week of school stood up for me and said, "But your not making her happy by lying to her! If she finds out then it'll only add on to her pain! She really likes you, but it's best to be told the truth instead of being lied to and thinking your loved." Word for word, I actually heard it all, hearing them go back and forth like that. I knew that only she would tell me. He had thought of ridiculous ways to say he didn't like me, in hopes that I would think that he did like me, but then stopped. Everyone thought we were the perfect couple. But how can you be perfect when your whole relationship is a lie? If you can answer it, please tell me, because I have no clue.

    The second day of school, he said, was when he liked me. Why didn't he just say that he never really had?