• The war is flying over heads
    Explosions light up the sky
    The war is flying under heads
    Explosions light up the floor beneath feet

    Fear blasts itself into the hearts of young and old
    Feet tremble in march
    Hearts overtake fear
    And make each foot take a step forward
    Forward into the face of death
    Forward into the face of survival

    Bonds grow
    Hearts grow
    Wisdom grows

    Bonds grow between man and men
    Between woman and women
    Hearts grow in compassion and
    Wisdom continues to grow
    Until the bond between heart and soul breaks

    Back at known safety
    Hands tremble with fear at their side
    Fear invites itself into hearts
    Tells hearts that they may never see their loved one again
    That they may face death head to head instead of
    Support lingers around at safety
    But if only the ears that matter could hear it
    Safety holds a flag
    Awaiting arrival
    Not knowing the way their package may arrive
    Safety holds a flag