• People
    I hate them.
    I can't deal with them.

    They do terrible things.
    They hurt each other, sometimes out of ignorance.
    But it's only because of the terrible things that other people do to them.
    Or the things people don't do for them.
    They're driven to it.
    It's like a terrible cycle.

    I understand, but I don't.

    People are just... so terrible.
    So stupid, foolish.
    Mean, selfish.

    But at the same time...
    People are beautiful.

    Look at what we can do.
    Talk, walk, feel, love, create.

    We are alive.
    In a quiet universe.
    Shouldn't we be happy that we can experience all this?
    See, hear, feel
    all of it?

    Life's ultimate, unending question,
    the array of human emotion,
    the beauty if earth and space.

    It's amazing.

    So amidst my angst and depression,
    my doubt and worry,
    my fear and confusion.
    I'm still happy I'm here.

    I hate people, but I love them.
    They're beautiful.
    I need them.
    People... people need each other to stay sane,
    I guess it just works that way.