• Love sucks.
    Not even the greatest of poets, the skillest of artists, the lovliest of songs can describe it.
    That's because they don't know what it is.
    How do we know this word even exists? We've all heard of it, and sometimes it's even tricked us into believing we've found it.
    Yet it always comes down to us looking a little like this: crying
    or this: burning_eyes
    or even like this: dramallama
    So why do we keep searching for it?
    Is it some quest a deity has sent us out to find?
    Maybe it's human nature?
    All I know is that one day, i want to get married to a man i know is right for me.
    Who's there when i need him. Who loves me for me. Who thinks i'm beautiful even without makeup on. Who thinks im beautiful instead of hot. Who, when i come to join him with his friends from across the room, he whispers "that's her."
    Who is willing to wait for me no matter what he wants. Who wants nothing More than to slam me on the floor and kiss me when he sees me for the first time that day. Who, no matter the hardships we go through, he stays. Who after a fight, i find him sitting on the frobt porch the next morning with my favorite flowers in his hand.
    I could go on for days about what i want, but i know it will never happen. Because what i need will always come before what i want. And thats better than nothing.