• I opened my eyes opened to darkness, my body aching all over, and I let out a
    moan. Just as I did so, I heard a few voices, and then someone pulled the black
    bag off of my head. I looked around, adjusting to the bright light of the sun,
    and I found myself tied up to my brother back to back on the ground. We were in
    some sort of abandoned house, though it wasn't abandoned completley, it was
    inhabited by my brother, me, and of coarse, our captives. A tall man in a black
    vest walked out of another room, and sat down on a chair that he pulled up in
    front of me. He sighed, and I detected a bit of unrest and suspicion in the
    guy. "You have been looking for things that weren't meant to be found
    Mr.Talon." The man said angrily. "I'm afraid I can't let you do this any longer."
    I knew what he meant. I felt around with my bound hands behind my back for any
    sharp rock, or peice of glass, but to no avail. I was done for.
    The man was handed a sidearm that I couldn't recognize, and a magazine for it.
    He loaded the mag into the gun and cocked it, aiming at my head. My blood turned
    cold as this happened, not hearing anything but the slight breeze through the
    glassless window.
    It all happened so quickly. My brother had been faking unconciousness this entire
    time, and he picked us up by kicking with his legs into the ground, sending us
    upwards, in which I quickly understood what he was doing and stood up while still
    going up, so we wouldnt fall back down, and I kicked the gun out of the man's
    hands just as the shot fired, and my brother did the same to a threatening guard
    with his weapon drawn. We sidestepped into a window, and I got a peice of the
    broken glass. I began cutting rapidly, ignoring the blood oozing from my hand
    from the sharp edges, and I managed to cut us free. The front door had a wood bar
    on it, nailed onto the frame, so it wan't worth mentioning as a possible escape
    route. I staggered over to the tall man, who was standing up, and I lunged toward
    his pistol, grasping it before he got near. I turned on him, gun in hand, walking
    toward the door he had come out of earlier and where my brother was heading into.
    I closed the door behind us and turned the lock on the handle. But someone was
    already trying to kick it down. We ran through a few more doors and ran into
    another guard that had a black trench coat, shades, and a fedora. He reached
    for something in his trench coat, but before his hand reached the inside pocket,
    I pulled the trigger.
    And there he lay, dieing. I had never killed someone before, only knocked a few
    people out in my line of work, but never killed them. It had a strange feeling,
    one that I couldn't shake off until my brother my brother grabbed my hand and
    pulled me through the exit the man had been guarding.
    We must have looked like ghosts, because there was a woman standing outside, who
    fainted just as we fell out of the door. We staggered down the street, looking
    for a safe place to hide, knowing our captors will be chasing after us.
    We ducked under a low hanging sign and walked into a pharmacy of some sort.
    It looked like a Walgreens but I couldn't be sure. I tried to cover up my
    bleeding hand, as we bought some bandages with the money we had in our pockets.
    I led my brother out the front door, and around to the back of the building.
    He put the bandages on my hand after removing some glass peices still in the
    wound and tied it up with a bit of ripped fabric from his jacket. He sighed.
    "Just another day."
    I mumbled something in agreement, like duh huh, or whu dom. I don't know which
    but it seemed that my brother understood.