• Are there many things we take for granted
    without pause as we rush through our days?
    Might we slow down for just a few seconds
    as small blessings we quickly appraise.

    Could we take a hot shower this morning,
    brush our teeth at a porcelain stand?
    Everyday acts, but seeming a luxury
    to soldiers gritty with alien sand.

    We could kiss our sweetheart and share a hug,
    a common embrace of affection
    unless you’re alone, far away from home,
    danger lurking in each direction.

    Later we’ll dine with dear family and friends
    while defenders send love from afar.
    Unselfishly, they wish us enjoyment -
    a freedom celebration unmarred.

    In a foreign land our soldiers struggle;
    to be with us how strongly they yearn.
    Please remember them this Thanksgiving Day
    and say a prayer for their quick return.