• Rezwood had good tactics, she stood above the boy with her spear point at his nose. Until Rezwood noticed the tears streaming down his face.
    "Whats wrong?" She asked him, they had realized it was Diamki.
    "This! Its all wrong! I was to prove I'm not just some bicycle kid! Dang! Dang it all!" He replied.
    "Well why dont you show them that," She wiped a tear stain away from his cheeks. "Show them you arent!"
    The words seemed so easy to say, but so hard to do. Maybe thats how life is, maybe its a maze that we are all figuring out. But what if Endala dies, What about Opious? And Rezwood? Opious' wave seperated him from his thoughts. Maybe adding me is a bad idea, and I mean they could have obviously picked someone better, but they picked me. He smiled bigger than ever, They picked me.

    Endala awoke that morning to find herself isolated from the others, as always. But that morning a flannel lay under her head. The flannel that Rezwood had been wearing just a day before. And just as Endala suspected, there lay Rezwood curled into a ball because she had a jacket no longer. Endala walked over to Rezwood and pushed her now darkening hair back from her face. She looks like someone I know. Endala thought. Why is she the one i think about 24-7? Endala laid the jacket on Rezwood then stood up and made a fire on the ground, but she had no food. So she grabbed her daggers from the wooden box Opious made for her, and went to hunt. She knelt down once she saw a small fox making its way toward the camp.
    "Hey boy!" She whispered before throwing the dagger right into his eye.
    She took the fox back and cleaned her daggers. Her daggers were silver, curved for an excellent cut. She emptied the guts from the fox and laid the empty carcass down beside the fire. Unfortunatly, the fox hadnt been dead long enough for the blood to clot, and the blood seeped out of the fox's eye onto the wood.
    "Oh, crap!" She wiped the blood with a towel. "Dang fox."
    Just then someone grabbed onto her shoulders.
    "Yum the smell of fox in the early morning!" He laughed, Opious.
    "Oh shush! Hey, whatcha' got there?"
    "Oh just a trap piece." He still was laughing at his joke.
    "What for?"
    "To sharpen my sword." ...Still laughing.
    Wow he must really find himself funny! She thought.
    "Well unless you wanna help make this then go make a table and chairs!"
    "Ok, do you know where any good trees are?" Finally he stopped laughing.
    "Go north, take a right and right there is some."
    "Alright thanks!"
    "No problem!"
    Suddenly she heard Rezwood waking up, then getting Diamki.
    "Diamki come on, we have to get a move on." Rezwood spoke with her soft, caressing voice.
    Just then the fox meat was finished,
    "Breakfast!" She yelled.
    Opious made beautiful table and chairs. They began to eat when Rezwood asked,
    "Endala, did you put this back on me?"
    "Yeah, you looked cold thats all. Thank you for giving it to me though."
    "Your welcome." She smiled, and Endala returned the look.
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