• As she Walked it to the town not knowing in the end she might not be able to handle the battles she will come across.

    Her Story begins at a abandon town where she met a man who look like he would kill to get what he wanted but at the same time might be an anti-social who wonted tell you whats on his mind

    This Guy was Tall at least 3 inches taller then me spiked up hair that was the color of black his eyes wear ice blue the type that if you stared at it to long you might just freeze.He wore all black to his button up shirt and vest to hid pants and boot. this included his black hooded trench coat. He was average built from what it looked like but all in all he was actually hot but her face wont show that she was blushing

    Girl- hey what are you doing here isn't this place supposed to be deserted

    he stared and didn't say a word and began to walk a way and ignore the girl

    Girl- hey i'm talking to yo......

    right when she was about to grab him he turn around so fast it made her flinch just a little

    Guy- why don't you shut your mouth and let me do my job
    Girl- job what job dn why should i listen to you

    to be countinued