• The little girl stood rim rod straight under the blossom tree. The wind howled and screamed at her, twisting her long brown silky hair into nasty knots, and nipping her face. Her tiny bow lips set in a grim line and her large brown eyes trained on the tiny street below, waiting for the familiar White Honda to come to her. Her hands clenched from the cold that was biting her bare legs and arms, she had worn her special summer dress for him, the one with the small sunflowers plastered on bright blue fabric. Her feet encased in dazzling yellow sandals, that now were getting slightly muddy. Tears gathered in her eyes as the sun started to go down, and then she trembled, her head was held a little too high for the pain her body racked her with as she realized he wasn't coming. The blossoms came down with the wind, kissing her skin and comforting her in the folds of her rabid hair. The little girl shivered, waves of goosebumps traveled down her spine as the wind tried to push her down. She finally moved, putting a few tufts of hair behind her tiny ear, and then she sat on the ground and cried, sobs bursting out, her shoulders shaking, but not from the cold.

    "Daddy" She cried out, "Where are you?"

    The smell of earth rang strongly in her nose just before snot clogged it up, she gripped her knees, burying her face into the ground, she was getting muddy and her mom would throw a fit but she didn't care, daddy didn't keep his promise.

    "You see that little hill right there?" He once said, "I want you to wait right under that blossom tree, you know which one right? That's our tree, we carved our names on your 6th birthday. I will be coming home on your birthday, so wait for me, okay? the war is going to be over honey, and I will be there"

    "Please don't get hurt" the little girl had sniffled, "I want you to stay"

    "It's only a few more months and I will be home soon Cecilia, no more war for me okay?" Dad said, kneeling down in his army uniform.

    Cecilia let the tears out as she gripped his uniform, hugging him hard, her mom comforting her as well, "He will be here on your 7th birthday, CeCe."

    She let him go, holding out her pinkie, "Pinkie promise?"

    Her linked his large pinkie, calloused and warm with her small and cold one, "Pinkie promise"
    He had kissed her hair, as always before he kissed her mom and left.

    A month later, a strange man had come and given my mom a small medal and dog tags, where she broke down and started crying, screaming, "No!"

    Now, on her birthday, her only wish, had not come true.

    'My mom was going to be mad' Cecilia thought dazed, the little blossoms settling on her cheek, the wind starting to die down.

    'I was supposed to wear this tomorrow, she said we were going to go see daddy' Cecilia remembered, her mind clogged.

    "I love you daddy" Whispered the little girl, getting up.

    She walked to the trunk of the tree and kissed the rough patch work of 'Daddy loves CeCe' before trailing down the trail to her house, the small blossoms stuck in her hair, as if they were kissing her hair.