• Well I am bending the sterotypes because I know why I actually trying not to be scary. However I do love unicorns and pretty things. I figured things out of doing the right thing. And who else kept sterotyping me and put me in the box. For those who actually don't know me that I am is what am I. So here's the catch. So as I was thinking about that turns people off. And I figured the reason is not to forget. Well I have being scared of the shinning, Chuckie, and The most famous vampire of all Count dracula ever since I was a little girl. Not to the reason I do look like him from Van helsing. Which I figured something well adorable as a unicorn. Even others thought I must be scary for Halloween. So I tremble my own ways to mannage the balance between the lines.

    1. you have to use only black and red. As I figured that is wrong. I could use any color.