• O precious are you, the gates of Zion. You are the foundation of New Jerusalem unto the virtues of me a man. The foundation stone understands its neighbor. In the eyes of the beholder life is mortified. Thus, the man is settled among his home. Observer, sit down and meditate. Reflect paths of righteousness. Abide with us still as a light. Let not the soul be troubled in a changing landscape of your presences. The voice calls to me and echoes. The voice calls to me and echoes.

    Unworthy am I to claim history olden to unless the Lord answers a call, my prayers and thoughts are vain less lived. I am not the chosen, yet one of memory to feel. I rest unworthy to understand. Yet before I, a sadness of memory in due part as to determine who or what was a past life unto the soul of centuries. When those before would not bow for righteousness’ sake claim they wickedness inheritance or throne unless the Lord counters the shadows. The weak preserved their possessions after humble humiliation and scars with many defenders past to modern. Caused by you each more an elder or doubt. Passed onto our time, reconciliation for the observers and those of life to succeed in the presence. There is mercy on those who need evidences rather than the obsession to be a zealot or denier of the truth, if it can be stomached as a whole.

    O protectorate in question, return to the Lord. Mankind ponders at your thoughts and tests you or indeed one is sleeping and lost in fear. Eternity cannot erase you from my pages. Life each, have their pages torn from a book because they had added plagues to their life, or torn them from that of others. Forgotten is power but enriched is much more refined to it of a greater Lord’s portion.

    The authorship of words rests upon truth and not the thought of the mankind to the desires. For life is a part of you. The generational shadows pass. In the presence of much it renews. Of you, whose memory did you wipe clean? Of their zealous action, of it their own way to comprehend. Behold, they are filled with vain glory and pain. They had questioned for an earthly purpose. Knocked down the powers of the heavens or shut the passage to truth for the next. Uplifted the torches from the peril of gates. You held life’s cross convicted of one for change. Rather than honor death, worthy is he who was civil and a magistrate of justices and they growing with the life. Not for purpose of persecution God shall remain with mankind. Nor shall the wicked to the dishonorable remember less they choose. The wickedness intent is null to the value as well as the earthly value a tool. The expanse of many works rest within his domain.

    That which by mind to our limit, is un-calculatable. Foolishness looks for me, when they had seen younger Lords to many cries out or act a common man. They chosen not by heritage alone, but approved among their own for the knowledge to the conduct of their deeds. The disharmony of nature does not value the innocence or those of similar attribute, yet mankind has chosen to call spirit of the greatest a man to that of a creature and they encounter their sickness with nature and their core lusts or honor it more than their type through egotism.

    What then is desired? For the Lord separated from wickedness, is among many vessels. Others lost through the perils of their time, and many more portions of you each, a portion of the memory that live for an eternity or everlasting. The consciousness excels its limits, that of the body, yet the vessels fail to understand. Knowledge is contained, but perhaps not the strength to that of the heart.

    Enrich me, till the day I die, of your wisdom and not to be overshadowed by centuries’ doubt to powers of shadow or that of an unforgivable. For I had cursed myself stated it which tried to settle my soul. I would understand the mankind has persecuted a son. But the more of the memory proven, unto me is that of that which was before it of the names’ holy compared also to the fact the world would not exist without the God in modern that still live.

    For that makes God, justified a person describable by many far to the nearest heaven and lowest of hell. Those who willingly would change understand my thoughts change, whereas the compassion of God, they change not for wickedness’ sake. Nor can one be tempted but by acceptance to the angelic councils and the world around which inspires the mankind. It is the truth, that mankind cannot tempt God but they bring manifested destruction by the choices of their deeds to their heart or the unethical soul.

    If there were a land before the eyes, wherewith has a generation faded or disappeared. Of them, their pride to the powers of the earth. Aside from thus, was a disharmony and the Lord forsake them. It is not I worthy, for having doubts, but I shall believe in Jesus as compassion. He For the Lord younger is different from the first. Yet, I shall know what Jesus by much his connection states, to his words speak true through the reputation of centuries.

    I have a feeling without all the intellectualism of this earth, that a line of Christ still exists. And if not, it is seen in the imperfections of mankind to the point, of what was pure in the eyes of the beholder to the mind. For others to grasp this concept, life would persecute if they actually understood a LORD of the modern or the upbringing of true peace. Logical with evidence deny you the truth and claimed it from others to they revisions to inherit. Give them this truth, they read or delete it. By that, I mean those who slander the truth and existence to the life. Then they seek of whom for understanding and for what purpose?

    This action shows denial of the man. But in writing or typing this among social media, the preachers of life are sinful and some boasting glory of the Lord, our God. Of the man and of the divine truth mortified shall be loved by that of the highest of justices. Yet lower than angelic to the heavenly, the histories reflect not who inherited the bloodline direct of a Lord. They know the answer, through the words. Yet lower than the man and the council, the man who is God’s vessel remains with you.

    For they cannot claim God, but they shall acknowledge peacefully among that of their enemy to that of their neighbor. They shall see the pity of the councils who promote wickedness with values of impurity. The theologian is no greater if the practice does not assert the means for the teaching of intellect to that of the deepest purity.

    The problem with the foundation is a separation of the church and state, aside from the factor that the priests or teachers of law shall not interfere in the teaching to developmental growth of the younger. Nor should the law be unstable and a conflict on the management of the courts. The law shall not be made by a corrupt council or priests to the electorate of the law be established by its people – thus the stone.

    Let the older be wise and the parents inherit a caring heart for that of their child, if so, they are valid as a parent and conduct themselves as such rather than the child be wiser. For the masses assert themselves to their belief and many grow on their foundation stones. The generation shall serve the younger and the older eventually express carelessness for the child leading to that of a generational blame.

    In a decade, the virtues of a time were lost or much moved on. They argued among those civil rather than the persecutor or the crook. As many as the church is guilty of this yet, this is no mere ideology but the com-pro-mission of beliefs. The issues of old ancient days to that of the modern, rest among racial and international to cultural reverse discrimination expressed through deep hatred, which should be found in relational preference to that of unequal justice based on the settlements of policies settle-able by justices and mankind, if so someone of validity would council and guide the moral procedures of mankind for righteousness.

    As the sides of the world gather, they stole from that land which was free of your origin or suffering, and thus the people call out to me from the grave. They answer my Lord, and the vessel and cups are filled. You of illegality, have blamed the land of the consciousness of the Lord long enough.

    Yet, you compared the home of the modern man to that which was ancient. The Lord, shall leave the land in fire if truly there was a land as Sodom or Gomorrah. Yet, we were not so, yet life wants to reverse the blame for what other cultures promoted among a population of its people.

    Therefore, the Lord, is sore by the witness. You compared us to ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia of the East, of that of Egypt, we are not slaves to you O earth. Thus, say the Lord to me ancient and modern the foundation stone and you the cultures grew and learned to know what is right on that of lands unstable by their cultivation to the environment deep to the soul.

    I asked a tough question in my day, that the values of mankind, if there were one believer or person true to the heart of a land which you call devils of its alternate, that my Lord our God, would spare it. Honorable was not the man’s sick witness by sight, yet the virtue to see peace from that and those who sought chaos.

    The radical and those who are to commit century violence and natural claims contradictory to nature, shall not see God but understand they words. For the man values true of his person if so they desire so deep integrity. Yet, of whom knowledge beyond that which knew it all. The problem is to know everything under the sun, is worthy and unworthy of kings, whereas much of the memory fails the ancient to that of the modern life.

    They grow in sorrow, and cannot exalt themselves above the conversion of self to knowledge. So they fall before me and my Lord our God. The cultivation of mankind, to brainwash the free land, you shall not, and the Lord shall bring the desert sand together and send a burning flame as much as the uncivil did to persecute. For the land you call unrighteous, defended civility.

    Believe the words of the old, yet I value the new as well for compassion which indeed is everlasting for the backlash and this world to accept a regeneration of chaos to that of the deepest peace. One can stay in their home or go, yet there is no foundation to walk for a stranger on the land. For the people uncivil, will value dishonesty or harm the nobleness of the workers diligent.

    Unless otherwise the actions of man be civil to the heart, the foundation is weak and many will over develop or destroy the environment before me. A problem from centuries’ past was where the cultures would reflect their grudges for their zealot actions and turn to plunder that which does not belong to that of them.

    The rebels, know what they had done to a home, for they did not love it of their people, to consider their existence. Yet, there are those who inspire me O Lord, and thus, I value them for greeting me with peace, rather than being a crook for which life through the aspects of technologies and violence is.

    The developers I blame in their conduct of business because their ethics were not reflective of their works for which the solution bring forth a problem or that of calamity. Had you each, known your consequences or outcome, the fields I would question more than them who did not understand.

    But to know it, I had seen them promote the poorness rather than the truth, for it was not found in them integrity but dishonor. My Lord is righteous. In reason, he convicts the life of them and those uncivil, to test them to us, whether we truly honor or dishonor.

    In me, I seek an answer. Hopefully greater our God. His manifestation is found in the symbols, it is found in the integrity. It is not seen in the council of those who teach, but those who have valued the life to presence of peace.