• Most people are afraid of it.
    We all know that one day we'll die.
    We wont know when it will happen, it will just be a hit.
    Death, it's so close but yet so far.
    Close to old, but far from new.
    We all know of this, it will come when its due.
    Then nothing more than silence and tears.
    Life was good those past few years.
    Before I knew it you were gone.
    And I grew to know that you werent ever comming back.
    I longed for you, I cried for you, but you still never came.
    I almost could not bear the pain anymore, but I still didn't give in.
    I despised death, I hate it so.
    I wish that it was never created, ya know.
    It takes away every thing that you loved.
    It leaves you in the cold bitter world above.
    But what does it care , it has no heart.
    I am sick of it all, there is a deep pain in my heart.
    I just gave in, I was tired of fighting.
    And before I knew it, I was to.....gone.
    And then just like me, my child faces it too.
    They cry their wet tears, and they bear the thought.
    The thought that they too soon would be gone.