• Beautiful lacerations paint my face and lips.
    The black out glass cuts deep into my patchwork flesh.
    With tears of blood I've cried so long,
    Drowning roses of midnight that choke out the breath of innocence.
    Come whatever may,
    Because we're dead in a sense.
    For each time I've fallen
    Out of grace
    Lacerations mask my face.

    A cry to the icy eyes
    Of Armageddon
    Come whatever may, Come whatever may.
    And now for this deathly freak show we make way,
    We're cold to this world,
    And put here to stay.
    Lace and lacerations weave the pattern of the seam
    Of Lady Death's dress, as she enters the scene,
    Masking our eyes from all the obscene.

    Her pinned wings
    For display, Beneath the glass of decay,
    Corroding our hearts
    To a sicker shade of pale.
    Our eyes are turned inward, and our minds have gone stale,
    We are less than ourselves
    Once we were the slave.
    Putting any number of seconds
    To our last empty days.